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Thread: Maxed Empire Upgrades

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    Re: Maxed Empire Upgrades

    Simply there is no plans so just suck it up... it's been like this for months in the top empires

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    Re: Maxed Empire Upgrades

    Considering that the biggest spenders in this game reside in those top empires I'd say they can do a little better than "suck it up." If you've been dealing with it for months, then it should've been brought up and dealt with months ago. Yes it's just a game, but we're spending big money for a product that shouldn't be diminished by sheer laziness to deal with an ongoing issue. The empires with members that actively participate and contribute shouldn't be penalized because they were quick to finish upgrades, if anything they should be rewarded. Those dailies should be automatic or shouldn't even pop up at all. Members leaving legend empires to get achievements should NEVER happen. That takes away from the competition that drives this game, it should be obvious to devs that this needs to be dealt with immediately. And not even a single reply yet is a slap in the face to all of us.

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    Re: Maxed Empire Upgrades

    Please give us more options to complete daily achievements and charge super powers !
    How can a new player level 1-150 complete most of these daily achievements?
    For example:
    Earn at least 1 Epic item from a boss fight today! (They don't have stamina to reach threshold, take away epic)
    Execute 5 opponents who are over 50 levels higher than you today! (only during eve)
    Execute 10 players of the same rank or above today! (difficult for LSI players)
    Win a battle against 10 different opponents who are over 50 levels higher than you today! (difficult for LSI players)
    Steal $1,000,000 from your opponents today! (Steal $100,000 from boss sounds more realistic)
    Collect 250 class coins today! (never gonna happen even if they join 4 wars)
    Attain 1 Lieutenant of Uncommon rarity or higher today from a Challenge job. (Should be common not uncommon)
    Win at least 1 MVP category in Empire battles today! (never gonna happen)
    Keep it simple join 2 eve wars today and pay respect today?
    Give 2 rewards:basic tool part and gun part for completing all 5
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    Re: Maxed Empire Upgrades

    Soooo....about these empire upgrades? Or doing something about the donations achievements?? I know u folks are busy with this boss heist and upcoming MMB but surely 2 mins to post a quick reply to a thread in which there's obvious interest from paying customers would certainly be appreciated.

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    Re: Maxed Empire Upgrades

    I think they aren't in such a hurry that they wouldn't have time to drop few lines here. This isn't a small issue IMO. It's escalating as fast as people leave top legend empires to lower tier empires because of donation tasks.

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    Re: Maxed Empire Upgrades

    It's ridiculous that this hasn't gotten any attention from the devs yet. What's the point of this forum anyway?

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