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Thread: Help Reaper loadout

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    Help Reaper loadout

    Stats are! Energy 679 Sta 551 Attack 2542 Def 141 Health 203
    OK, so I'm having trouble figuring out which loadout will maximize my dps. These are my lts that are worth mention.ColZhuko2*,Dragonlord2*,Mastermind2*,ElTor o3*Fox3*,Illusionist2*,Scorpion5*,MissConduct5*,Gm an4*,Layla3*,Poppy3*,Envy1*.. any thoughts or ideal plz share. Fusing advice maybe. Thanks for reading.

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    Re: Help Reaper loadout

    Try to get gutter and Twinkie if you can their powers are really good for reapers and assassins

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    Re: Help Reaper loadout

    Dps (damage per action/second/skill?)
    Basically from what you had, i would suggest you going wit Col Z, El Toro, Gman, Illusionist,and DL. (You might consider chastity if your team usually utilize debuff as you war).

    Or you can go for crit oriented style - adding some more crit chance and crit damage based (IMO really inconsistent with the class)

    Or you can go poppy + layla + + precise blade + ambush skills for free tokens if you were feeling lucky enough.

    All of the above will provide you more dps / total damage output as well as more wins and bp in some cases and i know there were many more ways that other players had.. Basically in fusing its up to you, what style do you use the most - focus on investing to that one style first. Well i'm never bored to remind you - do not compare your 1-hit damage to ghost. You're only getting frustrated lol

    I'm assuming you already had bloodlust 3 and/or plague + disable at level 1. Applying plague at healthy defender you can beat while stacking bloodlust also helps in your overall damage.
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    Re: Help Reaper loadout

    For eve,pvp from left to right (seats) col.zhukoc,dragon lord,g-man, illusionist, el tore.
    If I get chastity, and mayday. I'm gonna replace col.zhukoc and el tore. I've just can't seem to get them to drop for me.
    Reaper lvl 3
    Bloodlust 2
    Plague 1
    Precise blade 1
    Harvest 3
    Shadow strike 1
    Ambush 1
    So should I get ambush next or just save for BL 3. Cause right now I'm just farming cc as efficient as I can. I'll have lockout 3 n 4 in just a couple days. Thanks for all the advice guys

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    Re: Help Reaper loadout

    It depends, if you're active the whole war - go for ambush, since you'll get most sleeper to try your luck on (or waiting for 3 / building with many offensive player that inactive to unload your tokens)

    But basically in long run blood lust 3 gives you more benefits - you can boost cc by dojo and winning most of your attacks so it depends on your preference really

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