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Thread: New building idea

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    New building idea

    One of the biggest complaints on the forums is about war taking too long and then not being extra cc for being done quickly.

    I think the last warehouse should be an empire based dojo. How it works is that it starts with a preset amount of cc for the team. Level 1 have 800cc. The amount lowers the longer the war goes. It the war goes the full time have 80cc left and it gets split between actives.

    It should be upgradeable, lvl 2, 1600cc, lvl 3 2400cc, etc. This would encourage teams to shorten wars, but also make warehouse not a throw away building.

    For super power it could double or triple CC amount to start with and slow timer.

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    Re: New building idea

    awesome idea!

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    Re: New building idea

    Not bad at all, nice idea DFish

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