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Thread: Unexpected end of input

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    Unexpected end of input

    Cant log on to current eve after update due to a pop upstating "unexpexted end of input"
    I'm on iphone 5s, very good wifi. Usully have very little issues on this device, but after update I cant do anything during eve, not bosses nor jobs. I tried to restart device, made no difference.
    Will try to delete app and re install.

    I reinstalled. Only to get "maintenance" pop up. Hope it gets sorted
    Appreciate the extremly fast fix rate Gaea provides
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    Re: Unexpected end of input

    2 devices and 4 accounts. Same everywhere. Is this the new "request timeout"? Quite frustrating. It's giving our opponent time to log on and defend.

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    Re: Unexpected end of input

    Now I get a message saying UE is undergoing maintenance. Please try again later. Seems they are aware of the issues. Here's to hoping for a quick fix. :-)

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    Re: Unexpected end of input

    I'm seeing the same thing. Hopefully they get it resolved quickly: I was in the middle of an EVE

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    Re: Unexpected end of input

    EvE is over for the day, probably. E pest some sort of gimme for the aggravation.

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