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    New update has either locked me out of war or can't do anything inside of war. Please stop treating this game like Obamacare and not knowing the problems before you release it.

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    Re: Unplayable

    yeah with the new update im experiencing too many connection timeouts , tripping and much lagg and blank graphics.
    also game crashes at the first time u trt to open it.

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    Re: Unplayable

    And it's now down

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    Re: Unplayable

    HotFix on the fly, at least they are responsive. This is a good sign.

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    Re: Unplayable

    Every time I tried to enter my email the game crash

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    Re: Unplayable

    always like this when a new update ....

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    Re: Unplayable

    Looks like its happening again

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    Re: Unplayable

    Yep 2 wars in a row.

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    Re: Unplayable

    Y'all need to fix this. About to walk away from this game.

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    Re: Unplayable

    It keeps on saying Unexpected end of input and crashes

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