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Self suppression?
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Thread: Self suppression?

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    Self suppression?

    Several of us have noticed that in the battle log, it's saying that we've suppressed ourselves.

    After this next war, I'll post what class I'm hitting against when it happens. Mine are snipers. Not sure if it's happeneening to other classes. It's happened to several times in our empire.

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    Re: Self suppression?

    Maybe u have hit someone that has lt Phantom seated? Phantom works both when attacking and defending. If that isent the case then I dont know : )

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    Re: Self suppression?

    It's the Phantom LT. Class is irrelevant in this instance. Happens sometimes, although fortunately it disappears with the next action (unless Phantom procs again)

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    Re: Self suppression?


    It happened to me as well and was wondering what the hell was going on. It should be written in the War Log in my opinion. And the Phantom LT description should be much clearer.

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    Re: Self suppression?

    Opponent us attacking has some lts that does this...Phantom

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