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    Cool Skins

    We're currently playing as Skelzor on a console game and it makes me want more skins for UE. As in a lot more. They don't have to be your traditional F2P money sink but a few could be. Have some grindable, have some drop in events as exclusive rewards, have some as seasonal awards, have some purchasable for in-game currency, have some be straight revenue generators for FP, why not? Give some buffs and boosts, have some disguises, different outfits, holiday specific like Hotwires, have some just be esthetic, have some be just hilariously pointless and funny.

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    Re: Skins

    There was a brainiac skin where he had sunglasses I'd like to see them bring it back to the game.

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    Re: Skins

    +1 and some more.

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