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Thread: Should I hang up the iphone cord?

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    Re: Should I hang up the iphone cord?

    Quote Originally Posted by chelsea View Post
    Unfortunately Duke, that's not only the forum but how the world is. Your true but hard to accept facts are indeed appreciated by a lot of the UE populace. Some of us love to be in a shell and not know the truth but thanks to you... I admit that the game has become more understandable recently.

    Fact of UE is, a BSI build that doesn't have about 800 stam to 1k stam and 1k energy to 2k energy is not a good idea in UE. Players should not forget that Energy and Stamina can always be boosted by lts as well. I would advise players with low energy and stamina to start adding to that today and reap the benefits in the long run.
    Agreed. I switched from Bsi to lsi a year ago. Took patience but reached 2k/1k and I still beat a lot of guys like I did before. Plus it helps me keep playing longer. I add one respect to energy/stamina alternating everyday. I lvl reasonably well.

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    Re: Should I hang up the iphone cord?

    Oh for crying out loud. When I started playing a little over two years ago there were BSIs crying that events would be too expensive due to their gimmick build. If you did not buy a single refill since then the faster timers, timer reduction lts, e and s boost lts and the leveling you got would have fixed it. This isn't new info, for two years at least this has been well understood. - you need a balanced build to enjoy all parts of the game which makes perfect sense. I went for 2k/1k and got wiped out in pvp because I wasn't strong at my level. Now at level 2400 and 15k attack I win but I still have 50k more losses than wins because I choose to stay BR30 because it boosts me in EVE and boss hunting. Pick your preference and live with the outcome. Start adding e thru your daily and in a few months you will be fine. If being the toughest at your level is an ego boost then great - do that. Just don't ask us to consign your BS by whining. Double LSI is a gimmick too. Any unbalanced build is. Go for balance or go for being strong in one area at the expense of others but for the love of god quit crying

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    Re: Should I hang up the iphone cord?

    For the love of God, stop crying about people crying. And so on.

    Ps. This made me laugh: "But it is also easy for you to get a King"
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    Re: Should I hang up the iphone cord?

    Play the game how you want, but don't be bothered when things don't work out as well when you are such an extreme build.

    I have 5 toons, and they are different because I like all aspects of the game and no one build can do. My 3 year old Titan is 610 with a BSI of 7.2- I like PvP and EvE with that toon. I've decided though, that I low too slow, so I'm adding 1 E and S every level until my BSI is 7. From that point I will maintain my BSI 7.
    I like boss fighting and jobs with my 1350E/650S mini, but I'm only Good at demo in EvE. I hated it so much, I didn't go to 2k/1k and started going all attack. In a year or less it will be stronger SP wise, so it will be worth it. However I don't regret my BSI toon.

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    Re: Should I hang up the iphone cord?

    Im a 3 year player and my main account is a bsi going on to hybrid nowdays but i think if you enjoy playing keep playing lsi is only really useful if you can afford to spend on refils and not everyone can i have really enjoyed my account even though im only lvl 450 i am all attack and have over 200k wins 100k losses so i still love pvping i will admit it sucks to see people who have played as long as me be over 1000 but thats just the nature of the build while they were lvling and getting smacked on i was pvping and destroying everyone having heaps of fun at the same time so its a real personal option builds.

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    Re: Should I hang up the iphone cord?

    A big thank you to most players who have left feed back. You guys have made some great points for me and hopefully other people in my situation. I do find it very interesting how people do things so different. Its a fresh view for myself and i do appreciate people chipping in their great feed back 😉 for now i will bump my s and e to 300 each and go from there. I want to maintain my bsi but also get more involved with the content of the game.

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