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Thread: LT and Boss Lists Filtering and Sorting

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    LT and Boss Lists Filtering and Sorting

    Just want to make a suggestion for filtering and ordering in the game. In the LT screen they are ordered by commonality. Can some filters and sort be added to order them based on their stats such as: atk, def, atk + def, power (crit chance, crit dmg, etc.)

    Also a boss filter would be great to have as well. Sometimes it can be difficult to find that one boss you want to fight but dont have an active/strong enough empire to start the boss yourself and sometimes making a bosses public doesnt help either since its either killed too fast or not at all. Boss filters and sorts based on: boss name, slots open to join, time left to complete, etc.

    Sorting and filtering can be expensive from a database and application perspective but if you setup the filters and sorting from a standby read-only database with 0 lag time then it shouldnt affect the live trasactional database and still provide value to players.
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    Re: LT and Boss Lists Filtering and Sorting

    Yes please to the boss filter

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    Re: LT and Boss Lists Filtering and Sorting

    Thanks for the support!

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