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Thread: Nuke didn't go off...

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    Nuke didn't go off...

    I have ss of the war log, I launched the nuke 16 min before war ended and when I went back in 5 min after it was over nothing was hit and the war log showed nothing. There was no way it got taken down Bc no one hit anything in the time that the nuke was launched.

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    Re: Nuke didn't go off...

    Was your hq still up? If not the nuke won't work.

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    Re: Nuke didn't go off...

    Yeah they only took one building of ours. This isn't the first time this happened. I just thought last time was a fluke...

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    Re: Nuke didn't go off...

    If I remember correctly, warlog is still in beta so you may have done damage just not reported. I've been killed before with no warlog of ever taking a hit.

    I've gotten token absorbed bonus even though I was behind a shielded building the entire match someone was able to hit me once.

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