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Thread: Some ideas

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    Some ideas

    Hello Mr. Or Mrs Devs,

    1) just a idea can we get more properties or Or expand it to level 12 or 15.

    2) Our promotions for 💰💰💰in most cases depress me. If u have played other games they were more common and even gives u some hope.Look at a successful game that does well with this. If u spend 100$ and miss a event lt by 3 spots it's fair. But to that person I would look elsewhere to spend my cash.

    3) As this game gets older u may want to look at a strong starter pack. To push or give hope to new players. Even have a area where level 200 and under have there own empires and graduate to the big leagues.

    4) my biggest ask is old classes give them some super powers. I am a maxed assasin with a 9 star scorpion. I won't use that class only if I get bored.
    I like the old classes.

    Everyone willl have your own thoughts but I play for eve and the building of the toon. It's fun

    Thank you

    Fun fact.
    Been in over 400 empires or more. FYI I stay in one of UE would give us a bonus. But that's just me.

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    Re: Some ideas

    400 empires?
    That's insane in the membrane

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