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Solution for future silver/gold jobs
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Thread: Solution for future silver/gold jobs

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    Solution for future silver/gold jobs

    Why not just create a super button that does 2.5% to all jobs for silver and whatever the amount is for gold. This super button still uses the same amount of energy as the jobs cost but all combined into one so the grinding won't be as brutal. Make the super button a unique drop for each bosses area and give it a limit of how many times it can be used before it breaks I think 1 superbuton should be able to 1* every job and then break. *While this thread belongs in suggestions I'm placing it here because I remember the devs are having trouble working around the time comsumption for new silver/gold jobs so I would like them to see this* Anyways what do UE players think and feel free to add on this idea I'm curious to see if this will ever get implemented in the game.

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    Re: Solution for future silver/gold jobs

    Hi : ) I like your idea. Its not only boring to gold star its also very time consuming. Scrachers have a "scratch all button" lieutenants have a "combine all" button. Make a "complete all" button for jobs sounds like an easy thing.

    Edit: after reading Dukes post in tech it seems like my suggestion isent a good one. Using baron combined with a "complete all" button might unbalance game.
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    Re: Solution for future silver/gold jobs

    You could just change barons ability to a energy reduction on jobs at a set percentage. Or double the exp gained still makes him worth while

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    Re: Solution for future silver/gold jobs

    Playing UE without Baron or (at least...) Fixer is not fun... Who gets into the silver/gold jobs should get automatically at least Fixer.
    I have a mini with 4k energy without Baron / Fixer and I feel like I will puke every time I level up (15-20 min to unload the energy). I am definitely thinking of leaving my mini as it is and spending the energy for dice jobs or whatever (leaving it there... not spending it... who cares...). The game is not so fun playing like this.

    How to solve this:
    1. request more energy per hit in the silver/gold jobs, so the number of pushes on that button ("Do Job") will decrease;
    2. automatically increase the chances to get Baron / Fixer for the accounts who are getting over a certain energy thresholds (2k, 3k, 4k...); I have opened a lot of crates trying to get Baron / Fixer, no chance. I'm already discouraged, soon my account will become semi-inactive hoping for better days.
    3. Keep on giving the chance to buy Fixer (as you did some time ago...), getting it from the crates may be impossible for some people (like me...).

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    Re: Solution for future silver/gold jobs

    One more point:

    Baron was good as it is at a certain game moment. Now we are into another game moment where Baron is not a gift but a necessity. Think about this!

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