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Thread: Attack Value Question

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    Attack Value Question

    Here is a scenario I'm struggling with in my LT loadout.

    It seems worth it, but is it really?
    To make room for 6 star AK, I took out 7 star Pain and moved Hyena from Assassin to Enforcer

    Pain has 83/85/6% crit more than AK.
    AK provides a 400 att bonus over Hyena as assassin.

    Is it ever worth it? I always seem to struggle figuring out which LTs to have in a loadout

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    Re: Attack Value Question

    If the extra attack helps you win more against the types of empires you play it's worth it. But if your already winning most of your attacks I'd go with the crit% skill over the extra attack . In bosses extra critical% better also.

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    Re: Attack Value Question

    Could you maybe explain how you can get that much att with AK? It's Assassin seat so 900/2=450. The two Insignias might give 100 which leaves 350 to come from other sources. AK's rocket gives +2 for every street, there are roughly 40 street lts (according to wiki) and even if thats boosted by Yugo it won't be as high as 350. And even with the street insignia it would not reach a count of 350/2=175 lts.

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    Re: Attack Value Question

    NVM. Just saw a screenshot of somebody getting +1400 with this combo...

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    Re: Attack Value Question

    Quote Originally Posted by CYBORGX View Post
    NVM. Just saw a screenshot of somebody getting +1400 with this combo...
    Any chance you could post it?

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    Re: Attack Value Question

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    Re: Attack Value Question

    My little 1* Joey
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