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Dice Job question
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Thread: Dice Job question

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    Dice Job question

    At what point does it become unlikely to get a recombinator on dice jobs? I always thought 100% guaranteed no recombinator. I thought this because I've done hundreds (yes, hundreds--no hyperbole) of dice jobs to 100%, and until the beginning of this past event, never got a recombinator.

    I have now gotten a recombinator on 4 of my last 5 100% dice jobs. If my previous theory is sound, I should either go buy a lottery ticket or someone has been playing with the RNG.

    Am I way off in my previous theory? Thoughts welcome, because if they've changed how dice jobs work, then I'll be putting my energy into more xp efficient jobs that I've previously finished.

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    Re: Dice Job question

    100% just means you won't get a cash payout instead

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    Re: Dice Job question

    Welcome to RNG Anonymous!

    I always thought the same. My experience differs because I have been farming common recombinators and I usually collect around 70% to 90%. Two days ago I accidentally double tapped and reached 100% and on collection I received a common recombinator. This has never happened before in those times when I intentionally aim for 100%.

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    Re: Dice Job question

    all I can say is if you have never received one until recently you are very lucky, the amount of rare recombs I've collected over the years I could of 9 starred a uncommon or 2 by now if they never dropped.

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    Re: Dice Job question

    Quote Originally Posted by Static View Post
    100% just means you won't get a cash payout instead
    I do remember i get cashed out at 100%, i'm pretty sure others probably had the same teeth grinding experience at least once...

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    Re: Dice Job question

    I can confirm cashout at 100% - not often but it's happened a few times on Westside.

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    Re: Dice Job question

    Thanks for the feedback, all. I feel slightly less perturbed, though no less incredulous.

    And yeah, I forgot to mention the cash at 100%. That's always a fun one.

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