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Hitting down disclaimer
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Thread: Hitting down disclaimer

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    Hitting down disclaimer

    I've read multiple threads where numerous people complain about hitting down. In my opinion, people need to stop crying about being hit by bigger toons and do 1 of 4 things. 1 become allies with someone who has a bigger toon that will seek revenge for you, 2 suck it up, or 3 quit playing the game. People gotta realize that this game has went more towards LSI builds so there are a lot of people building their LSI foundation with energy and stamina first. Once they reach their desired goals, they start increasing their attack or defense. So guess what... By the time their attack and defense gets to their desired goals they are still weak compared to toons their size. Now this is where the bitching part comes in... Since these LSI toons can't compete (win) against toons their levels, then guess who they start to attack??? Yup you guessed it... They go after smaller toons they know they can get BR points against. Now this is where option 4 comes in... Don't increase your BR level until you feel like you're at a decent level to defend. Oh and btw... I'm quite sure everyone has hit down to get BR points before so suck it up when it happens to you. Well that's my two cents and hopefully everyone is having a great day. ✌️️
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    Re: Hitting down disclaimer

    Yiip ..pretty much

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    Re: Hitting down disclaimer

    I even have a "See? No one cares" meme about this in my collection. I only take issue with it when it becomes a griefing issue that ultimately drives a player from the game.

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    Re: Hitting down disclaimer

    as a veteran of many types of social games like these and speaking from experience as a hardcore player things like this dont actually bother me, and they probably dont bother other hardcore players, but then you have the casual player and yes the casual player is the type of player that most players will fit into that catergory, they play when they can and I can tell you those types dont want this types of gameplay they are the type who get frustrated more easily and are more likely to quit because of things like this, I've seen it in many games you limit their play cause you are smacking them around all the time and they just go, some may say "yeh stop crying" but if you want to keep players you need to keep the casual players playing as they are your majority, no casual players is a very boring game for the hardcore players who will only eventually be able to hit each other until even they get bored with it and then you have a dying game.

    What you want with these casual players is turn them hopefully into hardcore players and spenders not them getting fed up with trivial things, thats a reason enough to stop people hitting down, player retention is more important than the odd pvper who wants to hit little guys.

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    Re: Hitting down disclaimer

    Agreed with what Teflon said

    during this event , my alt ( level 650 LSI with 1 attack and defend - my aim is Triple LSI btw so I will be weak forever !! ) only hitting player below level 100 ( I keep my alt rank 1 at all time , without X anyone )
    Got a few pretty angry players message me ( basically saying i am a bully ) . Did try to message them back explaining about LSI , no one reply me though .

    We need these Casual player to keep this game going

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    Re: Hitting down disclaimer

    Voices of logical reasoning is seldom adhered to.
    Quote Originally Posted by kosau View Post
    We need these Casual player to keep this game going

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    Re: Hitting down disclaimer

    This is funny to me.
    As someone who has been calling for lvl caps for years. I can't help but laugh.
    I have to agree with you, although this is nowhere near a bit of an issue as it was 3 years ago.
    With the BL balancing in place now. The hitting down has been lessened to a degree.
    By hitting down, I mean anyone 500 lvls+ above you.
    If it just a passing through hit by a high lvl. Follow that link and hand out some beatings to their lower levels.
    Then go about your business.
    If they are repeat offenders or are actually farming you. Follow my other posts on Reverse farming and handle yo bidness.
    If you are too weak to do that. Well, this isn't the game for you.
    It is a fighting game. Never let the fight be 1 sided with you taking a beating.

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    Re: Hitting down disclaimer

    If you block said farmer and do not retaliate the chances are that person will move on. I think we all need to get a better understanding of what farming is. I've seen dozens of examples and wonder how many of those are one timers. Sure there are players out there that hit down for no good reason at all. You give them a reason to continue like hitting other members of thier empire then thats on you, its a war game filled with gangs and pride.

    The greatest example of a farmer is one that is 500-700 levels higher and hits repeatedly keeping target from being able to boss hunt. This usually can be stopped by ignoring farmer and waiting for him/her to get bored. I can promise you that there is almost always a reason behind the farming. The fact that said farmer is getting no XP means its deeper than just farming to farm. My advice is to not respond. Block them.

    For empire leaders that have to deal with this drama from other members the best advice I can give is to review your ally list. Message the top 20 about what is happening and promise you and your empire will be in debt for the help. This works wonders! Only do this when you have the whole story as to why farmer is farming. Remember, it couldve been started within your empire and you do not want to bring in high level allies if your empire is the cause of the farming. Also, this could start a war between helping allies empire and farmers empire...and usually your empire will be the one to pay for it so do this at your own risk.

    ***Edit: if you are hit 20+ times a day you are being farmed. If its only a couple times get over it
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    Re: Hitting down disclaimer

    The pull system is retarded

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