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Thread: Pvp during eve

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    Pvp during eve

    Earlier today during eve I made a comment in war chat that one of their players hit hard, cuz he/she was almost 1000 levels over me, apparently that meant pvp me, what in the hell is the point? You really feel big and bad that you beat someone 1000 levels lower than you? It's crap. There should be some kind of cutoff on how far down you can hit.

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    Re: Pvp during eve

    They get no experience from it and if the battle rank is a big enough difference, no BPs either. Just realize just like in life, there are bullies here.

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    Re: Pvp during eve

    This has been never ending debate ever since i joined this game years ago, but you know ppl tend to retaliate if they got offended - which means you prolly offended him. A simple sorry has known to solved many cases like this - even if you're actually not at fault.

    No, don't get me wrong. I'm no fan of hitting lower, bullies and such but the game allowed it and ppl doing thing that not benefits them in any kind most probably doing it for REASON, that reason could be ranging from: absolutely anything. So my suggestion if you don't want to play the nice man and apologize, pretty much just block him out your newsfeed and get on with life.

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    Re: Pvp during eve

    I know, I always ignore it, I was just venting

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    Re: Pvp during eve

    I've shared my views on a diff thread of making a cumulative PVP system... like players of similar level or BR can hit players similar to them. Hope someone notes this.

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