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Thread: What is a "sell LT" ?!?

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    Angry What is a "sell LT" ?!?

    I get it from the context but what language are we speaking here???

    Can I sell it back once I determine it sucks? No? Then the LT is "for sale" not "sell" but what is wrong with calling them black market Lts as we have done in the past?

    The troubling thing about this is that it signifies a shift in perspective from the devs where they are no longer considering their audience but just phrasing it as they would in their internal meetings. I predict the next crate will be called the "give us your money crate".


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    Re: What is a "sell LT" ?!?

    I actually figured it was mostly the former and not the latter.

    There can be regional differences in phrasing or translational idiosyncrasies across countries. If the devs are secretly vampire lizard overlords I would hope they could hide their insidious evil a little better. But I have been wrong before so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that a new "give us your $$$ crate" isn't released next week...
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    Re: What is a "sell LT" ?!?

    I agree....we sell you this Lt, you are guaranteed an uncommon.

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