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The end of RM?
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Thread: The end of RM?

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    The end of RM?

    Don't see them in top in boss or EVE.
    Didn't manage to recover after the end of some big players?

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    Re: The end of RM?

    They are around still a Top 25 team. That is a far cry from where they used to be, but it still better than 99.8% of the empires out there. Now the gap between 5 and 1-4 is huge.

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    Re: The end of RM?

    well a while back in my old empire we got matched against them and they wiped us out in 4 mins after the war starting lol, pretty impressive if you ask me

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    Re: The end of RM?

    In boss they are still top 25, but in eve they are now 91. Which is still high and above most empires (mostly considering they have less than 60 players!). But still, it is a big drop

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    Re: The end of RM?

    RM will rise again someday!

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    Re: The end of RM?

    Never thought when I joined game 2 year ago that someday we can beat them.But yesterday with our regular activity of 45+ we beat them with 101-70.Although they said that they have lost their activity but are still recruiting.
    Empire name - Shortarse squad.

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