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Thread: empire farmers

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    Re: empire farmers

    Use Mastermind bosses to stay dead

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    Re: empire farmers

    Quote Originally Posted by Shizzy View Post
    Is this where the Crybabies Anonymous meeting is being held now?😂😂😂🙈
    867495 D9C546

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    Re: empire farmers

    Quote Originally Posted by Jasperr View Post
    Where's the irony?🤔

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    Re: empire farmers

    Hahaha, got to love an old thread.
    It is funny to see the reaction to my original post on how to deal with farmers. Honestly though. It works.
    Troll the trolls and flip the script on them.
    What people don't realize is they are using psychology to beat you down. Flip the psychology and use it against them.
    It has worked very well for me in the past 4 years.
    I will say that this tactic is not really good if your Platinum lvl Empire is getting hit by some too 10 Legend empires. Especially the top 5. Take some of the other people's advice at that point and just walk away.
    For any of the other empires. Follow my earlier "guide to reverse farming" and you will come out ahead.
    If you're r empire doesn't like it. Remind them that this is a PvP based game. Not a boss killing game and go find some real people to play with ����

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