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I get my butt whopped all the time, there will always be someone stronger. I will not hit enforcers or titans in pvp. I'm proud of my lineup but it needs a ton of work. The important thing is to keep it fun lol. I'm regretting the day when it takes a month to lvl up. I want to get to 5000 defense before adding energy and stamina though. It's long and hard especially since everyone argues for Lsi setups. Game is what you make of it. And I bounced off a lvl 350 sin last week. I wanted to rage quit lol. I hate his guts but wish I wrote down his name cause I forgot. And finally I got to many choices. Maximum health boost with insignias and everything puts me at 600 health points. I got to consider reinforcement as a Titan skill. Don't think I want to go that way though
If you weren'nt having fun, you were probably playing the wrong game. Cheers brother!