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Thread: #301...really?

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    Well how do you like them classic, you can be in the high 200's for an entire event and 268 a few minutes before the end of the event and poof just like that you are knocked down to #301 and basically the first loser out of the top 300...glad I blew all that money on the event now, thanks UE....ugh.

    Yes I know I am complaining, I am sure there are plenty of others in my boat...#11, #26, #76, #151...etc. The points are so crazy close though at the higher levels it is a crap shoot...booo

    On with your regularly scheduled program....

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    Re: #301...really?

    They are a bit fluid at the end aren't they?

    I slumped to 1045 myself lol

    Hopefully everyone had fun though

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    Re: #301...really?

    Hey 26 had over 550M points and I think they were over 50M points ahead with 2 hours left and in the 22/23 slot. So before you cry too much think about that one.

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    Re: #301...really?

    If this is your first event, my condolences. If this is not then you should know that there is no such thing as a safe rank. I dropped 1 level every 5 minutes or so until the last hour where I dropped 40 levels in 5 minutes.

    It took another 4 refills to lock in my rank.

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    Re: #301...really?

    Its for reasons like this why I never pay this game a penny to take part in events or for regular play too, learnt my lesson when I got burned with the event where frank was the Lt, wasn't too impressed to see my rank drop nearly 1000 levels after the event, my mini due to all the level ups did quite well though because of saved stamina and energy refills so placed around 9400 in this event.

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