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Thread: Guide: Posting a picture in the forums

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    Guide: Posting a picture in the forums

    Here's a little guide for anyone looking to share an image in the forums

    First of all, please remember the forums are PG-13

    Find your image online (or create your own, or take a photo, or scan artwork):

    Save to a convenient location:

    Go to, create a free account (it's safe), and upload your image:

    The image will have links on the side:

    Copy and past the BBCode into a forum post and it embed the image into your post:

    If you are in the viewing and editing screen, mousing over the image will give you a drop-down with sharing options:

    Which will also give you the BBCode:

    If you want to use the direct link, that is alright as well - just put the link between [img] and [/img]

    If you want to adjust the size of your image, right click the image file and it will give you an Edit option in PC - use Tools in Preview on a Mac. You can adjust as needed, just rename the modified image and upload the new version to Imgur, post the code and check the size in the post. If it's too big, try to adjust the size by pixels - the following was adjusted to 250 pixels:

    If you want to center the image, put [ center] and [ /center] around the link:

    Happy Posting!!!!

    (always give credit to anyone's personal art when possible please)
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    Re: Guide: Posting a picture in the forums

    Nice guide

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