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Thread: Underworld Empire Cricut!

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    Underworld Empire Cricut!

    So I bought my wife a Cricut for our anniversary. I recently talked her into working on a project together and am pretty happy with how it turned out.

    We first made the template and cut out our vinyl:

    Then we searched the house for something to actually put it on and found an old cutting board:

    And voila! The world's greatest cutting board was born:

    Not sure I'll use it anymore because I'm afraid of ruining it but will hopefully be making more things in the future. In case there are any secret cricut crafters out there (or silhouette) feel free to share some creations here.

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    Re: Underworld Empire Cricut!

    You just waste a perfectly good cutting board! Lol nonetheless it was pretty good cutting art, the part where you put KABAM word, giving some gradients that unexpectedly good. Thumbs up Ctulhu.

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    Re: Underworld Empire Cricut!

    It looks awesome

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