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is PVP really dead?
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Thread: is PVP really dead?

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    is PVP really dead?

    I am just curious as I hardly get hit, if at all anymore.

    I used to open UE and find 15 ppl attacked me, but ever since the introduction of the health boost and the PvP league, I get hit once a week now.

    is that a trend that you guys see as well? I don't PVP, I boss, but it's weird opening the game and seeing no one hit me.

    or is it there is some kind of worldwide truce going on I am not aware of? LOL

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    Re: is PVP really dead?

    I have toons with badges 24-23-22 in a Top 10+ empire and rarely see any action. One I took to 28 last month and still barely got touched. These are not major toons either all sub 2,000. The amount of stamina it takes to kill somebody, the fact that you can put 80-160 at a time on a person as done more to kill PVP than anything else.

    At the 1-2 shots a time 15-30 to kill them, a person could kill a couple of dozen on a refill have 15-20 minutes of fun and go about their day. Now it takes hundreds of stamina to kill a person and unless you spend real dollars, you might kill 1-2 a day max. You fire your shots in 10 seconds and that is it.

    They had to introduce the Cayman Islands because at the 80-160 shots at a time that was also the same number of chances Hotwire was going to grab cash. It got so bad a number of players lost billions inside of a month and couldn't afford to even heal to do anything in the game. Now they work so well, Hotwire is almost worthless. Why burn 500-1000 stamina and get no game cash from it? I hit bosses get a bunch of game cash....insignias, new buildings, ect require a ton of cash.

    No don't get me wrong, there is a group that LOVES to PVP. They get to badge 28-30 as soon as they can, spend a Baller pack a day killing people. You can tell because their win loss record totals are well over 1,000,000+. They are the first ones jumping in when somebody calls INC on someone. If you don't know that term, you don't PVP much.

    I enjoy it, but for the value for my dollar it is not there anymore.

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    Re: is PVP really dead?

    I get my 27 on the first day of each month. No incenyive for me to get 28, rest of the month i am doing bosses.

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    Re: is PVP really dead?

    i've never done pvp, but am rank 18 though from people bouncing, maybe once i've bought all buildings and nothing for me to spend money on no more I'll give it a go, I dont get attacked much usually once every so many days but its usually someone doing empire shopping to farm cash.

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    Re: is PVP really dead?

    I use to do boss in the beginning. Then I got most of regular boss items. So, only thing left to do was Legend boss and PvP. I like the new update. You can monthly repeat climbing the PvP rank. Easy stat points

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    Re: is PVP really dead?

    I can't really say it's dead, as I've gotten be 27 for the first time since they've change the system. I usually stop at 25 and get hit maybe once to 5 times a day. Now around 10 to 15 just depends if I hit back or if a few of my empire friends are testing lineups. Granted hotwire is still great but since cayman island not so much, all depends on her level to maybe.

    Ive lost 50 mill in last 3 days and my cayman island is lvl 8. I'm trying to save to start 9 but I'm losing 5-12 mill when I do get smacked. I've also noticed that hotwire grabs aren't as big as before I would get 8-12 mill a hit before a execution unno tho. Only the PA and devs I guess

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    Re: is PVP really dead?

    It's basically alive for 5 days or so at the beginning of the month then very few use it throughout the month.

    If there was a chance for a unique legendary set of weapons that dropped randomly for pvp then maybe people would dump but once you reach the upper ranks it's pretty pointless.

    Pvp use to be work, I got my achievements done one stamina at a time took me over a year focusing on it now it can be done in a week. If not earlier.

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    Re: is PVP really dead?

    Yeah I would say it's more or less pooped out. I've seen a few who use it to gain XP, seems like a waste to me.. no other return than small amount of XP and win stats. Whoopee!

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    Re: is PVP really dead?

    New update has kinda made it a waste of stamina. It's going to take a ton of boss grinding for these new chempacks.

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    Re: is PVP really dead?

    Quote Originally Posted by Quaranj View Post
    New update has kinda made it a waste of stamina. It's going to take a ton of boss grinding for these new chempacks.
    It's clear devs know people stopped caring about pvp and didnt have the effort to make it interesting again

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    Re: is PVP really dead?

    I have 4 toons, only one that gets hit is my lvl 232r22. He gets hit 15-20x a day...but you probably could guess why. Other than that, yeah, it's dead.

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    Re: is PVP really dead?

    Really no point to pvp other then the stat points. Cayman Islands killed Hotwire so no money, 3xp max per stam with pvp compared to 4xp per stam doing bosses. Why pvp when you get less xp and no money for your stam

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    Re: is PVP really dead?

    Yes it is dead. Change back to how it used to be. Or if it was intended that people could lvl using PvP (thanks for ruining BSi in that case, btw), then at least give the same xp as for bosses. People get the free stat points each month, and thats it. Some poeple have more money than others, and still PvP, but there is no "glory" to it anymore.

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    Re: is PVP really dead?

    It's dead. Just like empire chat even in the top 4-5 empires.

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