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PvP Full Health Pulls
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Thread: PvP Full Health Pulls

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    Question PvP Full Health Pulls

    So....I have been seeing reference to "Full Health Pulls" in World Chat, and a few random posts...but I can't seem to get the whole picture / concept - How does a Person get killed in PvP - then someone else pulls them to full health and they get killed again
    **Not intended as a rant / complaint thread**
    I just want to understand the mechanic so I can use it and / or work around it


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    Re: PvP Full Health Pulls

    This was something that has since been modified. When the new ranks came out, when killed and somebody tried to attack you, you would fully heal after you were rank 25+.

    A person would get a chance to kill you from your full health and Hotwire a ton of cash. By the end of the first month, quite a few players were so low or out of game cash, they couldn't play the game. Plus they were getting pulled and killed so often, they couldn't enjoy other parts of the game.

    PVP has now settled back down, the new properties protect enough game cash that players can still do things and play the game.

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