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Thread: Ally level when going to invade/war

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    Ally level when going to invade/war

    Once again conflicting informaton needs clarifying. Does the level of any ally you take with you into battle matter? When I first started playing a few players were quite impressed with the high level some of my ally's had, but I recently read a post in forum (though it was an old post) where someone stated the level of your ally isn't important only the amount i.e 500 to open a seat. The 500 also take 100 Lt's into battle with them plus all the required weapons etc. providing you have them of course.

    The only thing I'm wondering is if the above info is right...why do we need more than 500? because right now we can add up to 1500.


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    Re: Ally level when going to invade/war

    Indeed, in PvP war (invade) it does not matter the level of your allies. Only the number of them. Why 1500? No real value, just friends and people you know.

    You bring to war 1 lt for each ally you have (so max 100 lts) and 1 rifle for each ally, 1 gun for each ally, 1 vehicle for each ally... (max 501 allies are counted, so 501 rifles, 501 vehicles...). Seated Sin and Cesar can increase this max a bit.

    The good thing to have high level allies is when you call for backup on a boss. If you are lucky, the notification appears in there feed and they might help you.

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    Re: Ally level when going to invade/war

    To answer your first question. The level of your allies does not matter in PvP. (Of course, if they're allies with you, they may be more inclined to back you up if you ask.)

    As to why you can add more than 500, it's for Sin and Ceasar(I gave up on the spelling after three tries, nobody uses him anyway,) as they increase the amount of allies you can bring to war. Why the number is 1500, I don't know. Friends and boss hunters, would be my immediate assumption.

    You bring 1 Lieutenant for every 5 Allies, meaning a maximum of 100 without Sin. All Allies bring 1 Melee Weapon, Gun, Rifle, Heavy Weapon, Gear, and Vehicle.

    I hope that fully answered your question.

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    Re: Ally level when going to invade/war

    Ty for taking time to answer

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    Re: Ally level when going to invade/war

    I suspect that the choice of the 1500 number is also somehow, years ago, lost in gifting. It's a carryover from Castle Age, where gifting is a bigger part of the game.

    I like to imagine how it would be to get dozens of gifts each day. Sadly, I have to say that 99.6% of my 1500 allies never gift me jack. I don't even know if they are playing.

    But in PvP/Invade you won't use most of them, that's true. Good answer from the Joker, as usual.
    Just a bit analytical.

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    Re: Ally level when going to invade/war

    Biggest reason for high level allies is when you call for help on a boss.
    Hopefully one of your big guys will be looking for that boss and come drop some Stamina on it.

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    Re: Ally level when going to invade/war

    1500 allies are mostly for the old system of gifting. More allies equal more gift

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