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    Community Property Guide

    Underworld Empire
    Property Guide

    Welcome to the Property Guide!
    Comments/Suggestions/Questions can be discussed here --> Comment Thread <--
    Future Updates can also be made in the comment thread and then applied here by a GG or mod

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    Re: Community Property Guide

    Introduction to Properties

    *This is a guide to the properties available to an individual player in Underworld Empire, for empire buildings/properties please see the other available threads.

    Properties are often categorized by income generation or relationship to Fortress level. In this guide they will be separated as promotional properties, income producing properties and bonus/buff/boost properties. The order in which a player builds/upgrades their properties can vary greatly depending upon their build - several generalized strategies are also included in this guide. The important thing is to consider your plans in advance and know that in the long run, most of the properties will be of value. It's less about finding the perfect scheme and more about constant and steady progress, always try to have a property building or be saving up for one.

    There is an older guide which is still available:

    The Underworld Empire Wiki is also a great resource for information on properties. For example, here is a properties table which includes the property name, cost w/o discount, income, hours to regain money invested, any requirements and time to build for each level:
    Property Table

    Properties are a great way to increase hourly income which is important for early LT purchases, weapons/gear/vehicle/insignia purchases, empire donations, and the purchase of other properties which provide a permanent boost to a player's stats or gameplay. It's important for each player to consider their own individual account needs in regards to which properties they purchase and when.


    Ariel - Increases property income

    Blackjack - Increases property collection max

    Charmaine - Decreases bank fees

    Kunoichi - Direct deposit part of earnings into the bank


    Slum Lord (5) - Business Man (10) - Real Estate Mogul (50) - Property Baron (150) for owning a number of properties

    Collector ($10k) - Landlord ($50k) - Land Developer ($100k) - Real Estate Tycoon ($200k) for property income per hour
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    Re: Community Property Guide

    Promotional Properties

    These are income generating properties that are only available through the leveling promotions and other promotional packages offered from time to time. Purchasing a promo with these will automatically award the player with 5 of the property.

    Train Station

    A nice property.
    Income: $100/hr/level

    Mega Casino

    A nice property.
    Income: $150/hr/level

    Sports Arena

    A nice property.
    Income: $250/hr/level

    Las Vegas Strip

    A nice property.
    Income: $400/hr/level

    Financial Center

    A nice property.

    Income: $650/hr/level

    Ultra Yacht

    A nice property.

    Income: $1050/hr/level


    A nice property.
    Income: $1700/hr/level


    A nice property.
    Income: $1700/hr/level

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    Re: Community Property Guide

    Income Properties

    These are properties that are specifically meant to increase a player's hourly income. Each is opened as the player progresses further into the game and besides the bar, a player can purchase 10 of each plus 1 more for every Fortress they acquire.


    This previously run-down bar is in an excellent location.
    With some upgrades, it could become a very popular venue.

    Income: $250/hr/level
    Maximum level: 3


    A fancy restaurant with wine cellars that run deep underground.
    You're not making the Michelin guide just yet but that doesn't mean the food or service here isn't one of the best in town.
    A great place for meetings and dates.

    Income: $250/hr/level
    Maximum level: 10 plus your Fortress level


    Your connections run deep, and financing a condo of this size
    and with such splendour won't cost you as much as the next chump in town.
    Great amenities and hotel like service.

    Income: $500/hr/level
    Maximum level: 10 plus your Fortress level

    Night Club

    The best way to keep a night club alive is to keep reinventing it every year
    and have the best DJ's in the house. This club is the best in town with hundreds lining up. Vegas, move over!

    Income: $1,000/hr/level
    Maximum level: 10 plus your Fortress level
    Unlocked when Midtown area is open


    A modern 20 bedroom mansion is heart of your empire.
    Its modern European architecture exudes an elegance that belies the nature of this well equipped command center,
    fully loaded with secret underground tunnels and bunkers.

    Income: $2,500/hr/level
    Maximum level: 10 plus your Fortress level
    Unlocked when Meatpack area is open


    You are the biggest name in this town, and your Casino is a monument to that fact.
    This property generates high revenue with the added benefit of black arms dealings in the back rooms.

    Income: $7,500/hr/level
    Maximum level: 10 plus your Fortress level
    Unlocked when Downtown area is open

    Caribbean Island

    Need to escape? Just take a private jet to your private island.
    Only the elite of your lieutenants ever visit this island, and only when you're there to supervise.
    A great safe house and transfer point for your dealings.

    Income: $10,000/hr/level
    Maximum level: 10 plus your Fortress level
    Unlocked when Westside area is open

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    Re: Community Property Guide

    Bonus/Buff/Boost Properties

    These are properties specifically meant to give an advantage to the player that may or may not also provide income. These properties can have requirements before their purchase and many depend on increasing a player's Fortress level to make more available. The max purchasable number of these properties is 10.


    This is your safe house. Upgrade it to increase your Maximum Cash Reserve!
    This will increase the amount of income you can collect at a time.

    Power: Increases Max Cash per Collection
    *when your safehouse is full, your income generation drops to 10% of your hourly rate
    Unlocked when you reach level 10

    The Cayman Islands

    Bank vaults aren't always secure from thieves. Use this property to ensure nobody can touch your stash!
    Power: Secure bank (Bank Money cannot be stolen using Hotwire)
    Unlocked when Safe House level 3 has been purchased
    Income: $1,000/hr/level


    Add a little class to your power with a castle fortress.

    Power: +1 Income Property Limit
    Unlocked when Safehouse level 6 has been purchased


    Your job is about saving lives and benefiting this town as much as it is about growing your empire.
    The Clinic here has the best doctors and nurses in town to keep all your men healthy and alert.

    Power: Reduces Heal Costs by 1% per level
    Income: $1,000/hr/level

    Construction Company

    To run this city, you have to start with its foundations. Your construction company does over
    40% of the construction in this city and is set to work outside to expand your empire.

    Power: Reduces property construction time by 1% per level (does not apply to Safe House)
    Unlocked when Midtown area is open
    Income: $1,000/hr/level

    Real Estate Agency

    With so much property around, you have to hire the best agents to cut you in on that deal.
    Power: Reduces property cost by 1% per level (does not apply to Safe House)
    Unlocked when Meatpack area is open
    Income: $1,000/hr/level

    Arms Factory

    Extra manufacturing power means more weapons and gear
    to equip your lieutenants and soldiers for the most dangerous of missions.

    Power: Reduces Gear/Weapons/Vehicle Cost by 1% per level
    Unlocked when Downtown area is open
    Income: $1,000/hr/level

    Personal Armory

    Only the best weapons go in your personal armory.
    High tech military grade hardware has never been so easy to find when you need it.

    Power: +1 Attack per level to all Lieutenants
    Unlocked when Westside area is open
    Income: $1,000/hr/level

    Boxing Gym

    No Guts no Glory. That's the motto of your boxing gym,
    a place where all your lieutenants train to be at their peak physical condition.

    Power: +1 Defense per level to all Lieutenants
    Unlocked when Westside area is open
    Income: $1,000/hr/level

    Stock Market Exchange

    Don't work for your money, have your money work for you.

    Power: Increase Property Income by 1% per level
    Maximum level: your Fortress level


    A dojo to relex, meditate, or practice your flying dragon spinning death kick.
    Power: Increase Class Coins Rewards by 5%
    Maximum level: your Fortress level

    Steel Factory

    Reinforce your empire with steel!

    Power: Reduce Damage from Bosses by 1%
    Maximum level: your Fortress level

    Defense Facility

    Equipped with the most powerful missile systems.
    Power: +1% to Player Defense
    Maximum level: your Steel Factory level

    War Factory

    A underground war factory that produces tanks through the night.
    Power: +1% to Player Attack
    Maximum level: your Steel Factory level

    Science Facility

    A secret science facility hidden deep inside a volcano

    Power: Reduces Tech Lab Build Times by 1%
    Maximum level: your Fortress level

    Bio Lab

    Create a super soldier serum or unlock the mysteries to the fountain of youth.
    Power: +1% to Player Health
    Maximum level: your Science Facility level


    Why own one plane when you can have an entire fleet of planes.
    Power: +1% to Player Energy
    Maximum level: your Bio Lab level

    Space Program

    After conquering Earth, time to conquer the rest of the universe.

    Power: +1% to Player Stamina
    Maximum level: your Bio Lab level

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    Re: Community Property Guide

    Fortress Build Strategy

    As the name implies, purchasing properties with the goal of upgrading fortresses is the core of this strategy. Along the way, a player acquires other useful buildings by necessity and once the 10th Fortress is built - they can go back and max any properties best suited to their account. Maxing out the construction company and real estate agencies as soon as possible is highly recommended, this will save you time and money while you build. Also, gaining the maximum income generating properties available will help generate the revenue needed to buy the fortresses and their prerequisites. With that said, having a large enough safehouse to conveniently hold your money is also important - when it hits capacity your earning will drop to 10%. Upgrade as needed while building your income generators. Once you are ready to start building Fortresses, it is personal preference on adding +1 income properties as you gain Fortresses - it does help but also slows the process down.

    Getting Started:

    Level 10
    Bar 1-3
    Restaurant 1-10
    Condo 1-10
    Open Midtown - max Construction Companies, max Night Clubs
    Open Meatpack - max Real Estate Agencies, max Mansions
    Open Downtown - max Casinos
    Open Westside - max Caribbean Islands
    Safe House to 5 at some point

    Fortress Building:
    Safe House 6
    Fortress 1
    Steel Factory 1
    War Factory 1
    Fortress 2
    Science Facility 1
    Science Facility 2
    Fortress 3
    Dojo 1
    Dojo 2
    Dojo 3
    Fortress 4
    Science Facility 3
    Science Facility 4
    Bio Lab 1
    Bio Lab 2
    Bio Lab 3
    Bio Lab 4
    Fortress 5
    Stock Market Exchange 1
    Stock Market Exchange 2
    Stock Market Exchange 3
    Stock Market Exchange 4
    Stock Market Exchange 5
    Fortress 6
    Science Facility 5
    Science Facility 6
    Bio Lab 5
    Bio Lab 6
    Space Program 1
    Space Program 2
    Space Program 3
    Space Program 4
    Space Program 5
    Space Program 6
    Fortress 7
    Steel Factory 2
    Steel Factory 3
    Steel Factory 4
    Steel Factory 5
    Steel Factory 6
    Steel Factory 7
    Defense Facility 1
    Defense Facility 2
    Defense Facility 3
    Defense Facility 4
    Defense Facility 5
    Defense Facility 6
    Defense Facility 7
    Fortress 8
    Science Facility 7
    Science Facility 8
    Bio Lab 7
    Bio Lab 8
    Airport 1
    Airport 2
    Airport 3
    Airport 4
    Airport 5
    Airport 6
    Airport 7
    Airport 8
    Fortress 9
    Steel Factory 8
    Steel Factory 9
    War Factory 2
    War Factory 3
    War Factory 4
    War Factory 5
    War Factory 6
    War Factory 7
    War Factory 8
    War Factory 9
    Fortress 10

    Then any other properties that may be appealing
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    Re: Community Property Guide

    Cash First Strategy

    It certainly helps having a large hourly income in this game. This strategy is basically to build anything that gives you money, everything else is merely a means to that end. After everything is built, a player can go back and buy more properties or invest in weapons/gear/vehicles/insignia. As your income increases, be sure to increase your safehouse level to accommodate a reasonable collection amount.

    *Depending on your preferences for playing, it's possible to determine the time needed for a property to return the investment required to purchase it. Alper's Guide and the Wiki Property Table are both good resources for this kind of calculation.

    Getting Started:
    Level 10
    Purchase all leveling and seasonal promos that offer income properties
    Bar 1-3
    Restaurant 1-10
    Condo 1-10
    Max Hospitals
    Open Midtown - max Construction Companies, max Night Clubs
    Open Meatpack - max Real Estate Agencies, max Mansions
    Open Downtown - max Arms Factories, max Casinos
    Open Westside - max Boxing Gyms, max Personal Armories, max Caribbean Islands

    For every Fortress built:
    Purchase another Restaurant-Condo-Night Club-Mansion-Casino-Caribbean Island-Stock Market Exchange-Cayman Islands

    Then proceed to spend your cash
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    Re: Community Property Guide

    PvP Strategy

    *hopefully some loyal BSI fans will help expand this section but we can at least make a start

    *this is for low to moderate BSI spenders

    Players focusing on strength at the expense of leveling speed are just as much in need of income and properties as other players. While they miss out on speedy job income and being able to power through some of the required job areas to open properties, it is possible to still make some progress. Hotwire can be a very useful LT for this kind of build. Some income properties are also available through leveling or seasonal promotions. Property purchases will depend a bit on a player's progress through the job areas which may cause some bottleneck. The important areas are Midtown, Meatpack, Downtown, and the Westside.

    Upgrading properties for this build will have two parallel goals: #1. opening the job areas and purchasing the properties that become available as a result, #2. getting to Safehouse 6 and then working on the Fortresses.

    Aside from income generating properties, here are some properties that will help:

    The Cayman Islands - protect banked money from retaliatory Hotwiring
    Hospital - Reduce healing costs
    Personal Armory - +1 attack to LTs
    Boxing Gym - +1 defense to LTs
    Defense Facilty - +1% to player defense
    War Factory - +1% to player defense
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    Re: Community Property Guide

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