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Thread: The First Basford Homage

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    The First Basford Homage

    So I originally drew the symbol and had all these plans for incorporating elements one would consider more likely such as explosions or fire or cameos from UE characters. Then Mrs. Cthulu and daughter Cthulu became embroiled in a bewildering imbroglio. As mutual fans of Johanna Basford's work, there was a dispute over rights to certain images. The stark but intricate nature of her unmodified scenes seemed to lend itself well to solving the girls' dilemma and adding a novel twist to my fan art. So even though I would have initially pursued a more masculine image, I was happy enough with the result to want to share it and invite folks to print it out, add their own colors and post their results.

    Full disclosure: the images are a fusion of Ms. Basford's as a result of trying to resolve things. If you like this then you will like the rest of her work.
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    Re: The First Basford Homage

    I see these posts and I could cry. I adore colouring but I'm unable to do any at the minute due to having carpel tunnel syndrome in both wrists/hands. I miss colouring so so much. I look at my pile of colouring books and my tins of pencils and I could honestly cry through frustration and sadness.

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