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Community Event Guide
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Thread: Community Event Guide

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    Community Event Guide

    Underworld Empire
    Community Event Guide

    Welcome to the Event Guide!
    Comments/Suggestions/Questions can be discussed here --> Comments Thread <--
    Future Updates can also be made in the comment thread and then applied here by a GG or mod

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    Re: Community Event Guide

    Introduction to Events

    Events are fun, voluntary in-game opportunities that occur regularly in Underworld Empire. There are player prizes available depending upon a player's efforts or contributions and depending upon the event. There are 3 main types of recurring events in Underworld Empire (Tech Lab, PvP, MMB) with several one-off Events that may be repeated in the future.

    The forums and the UE Wiki are also great sources of information on Events and strategies. There are threads containing more in-depth suggestions and strategies for each event on the forums. The information here is intended to be as current as possible but will be more representative of past events than a guaranteed prediction of future event details.


    Event rewards often depend on player rank and individual contribution (points or tech lab creations). Rank rewards are not cumulative but individual rewards often are. Sometimes there are daily incentives during an event and sometimes there are empire or community-wide rewards.

    Event rewards often include energy or stamina refills, scratchers, crate rolls, rare and epic LTs, Event epic LTs, guaranteed rare or epic or event crate rolls, and class coins. Sometimes it is possible to drop or obtain gear, weapons and vehicles as well.

    For players considering the relative value of event rewards, keep in mind the added benefits of using refills during an event e.g. leveling, bossfighting, job completion etc. that are gained in the process.

    *Disbursement of rewards after the event can take from several hours to several days.

    Event Lieutenants:

    Event LTs are unique characters available during a specific Event. They can typically be acquired through personal rewards/contributions for a set amount or through rank rewards. For each event there can be lucky ranks that can receive rewards for being at that rank. Past event epics are sometimes offered as rank rewards. There has also been a recent addition of event epic crate rolls which allow players the chance to roll a random event epic.

    *Rank rewards are based on the final player rank. There is a period of time after an event where results are finalized and confirmed. It is possible for a player to move up or down in rank as the server calculates everyone's final ranking.

    *As with any LT, their true value/power is best seen when starred up. 1-star LTs of any rarity are unlikely to be massively overpowered or game-changing.


    Opinions will always be varied but it is possible to have fun and attain rewards in events at any level of spending. At this point in time it commonly takes between $1-200 to obtain an Event LT depending on a player's stats and the type of event.

    *Despite our diverse opinions, many players would agree that buyer's remorse can and will occur. For this reason, it is better to plan your event expenditures in advance and to spend (or not) towards enjoying the event instead of to "purchase" the rewards.

    *Don't forget the 48-hour cool down on FP purchases that happens when switching accounts on one device. There is a variable amount of notice prior to an event and it may be wise to keep a satisfactory amount of refills or FP on an account in advance.
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    Re: Community Event Guide

    Tech Lab Events

    This is a common event type that can take several forms. Parts for event items are dropped during job completion and bossfighting. These pieces are combined in the tech lab.

    Uses: Energy and Stamina


    As a player uses energy to do a job (regular or dice) and stamina to hit bosses, they have a chance to immediately drop intermediate parts for the event. These parts are often used to create red, blue or green items. These red/blue/green pieces are then combined to create a gold piece.

    It is also possible to steal/acquire event pieces (intermediate or the red/blue/green) through PvP, the caveat is that gold pieces cannot be stolen.

    These events may feature pirate chests, wrapped gifts, dice, or cards/chips as the drops and tech lab items. Gameplay is similar across tech lab events despite the form of the items.


    Individual rewards are based on the number of gold pieces a player has in their inventory at the end of the event. Rank rewards also depend on event pieces but may depend on intermediate part numbers as well.

    Individual rewards are cumulative, rank rewards are not.

    There are often lucky rank rewards awarded at the end of the event. The results processing time period at the end of the event ensures the final rankings. The displayed rank may be accurate but may also shift as overall results are finalized.


    LTs like Duke, The Skull King, and Baron can be very useful during tech lab events for making energy/stamina expenditures faster.
    Brainiac can make the actual tech lab creation process faster.
    Nautica is very useful towards increasing potential drops.
    Isis is useful for a chance to double tech lab builds.
    Frank can add a chance of free actions which can increase the chances to drop parts.
    LTs that increase energy or stamina can also prove beneficial, particularly upon leveling.


    There is an element of luck but there is mostly a direct correlation between overall energy/stamina expended for the duration of the event and part acquisition. For example, a player may experience dry spells or periods of luck but overall should have roughly the same success as another player who has used a similar amount of energy/stamina (within a reasonable range).

    Since golden pieces cannot be stolen, it is in the player's best interests to combine pieces as soon as possible. One way to do this is by taking the process to completion at a convenient time, i.e. expend energy/stamina then immediately begin creating tech lab pieces and immediately create as many gold pieces as possible.

    *Anecdotal experience has shown that the amount of energy or stamina expended in a single action does not have a long-range effect on Event outcomes. To be more clear - it doesn't matter how much you use because if parts are dropped they will reflect the amount of energy/stamina. A player shouldn't limit themselves to slums jobs or 1 stamina boss hits - it is better for them to pursue the jobs and bosses they normally would and collect event parts along the way.

    *After an event, the event pieces can disappear or are not able to be used in the next event so it is better to combine as much as possible, saving only those desired as souvenir pieces.

    *There are players who create a very large number of golden Event pieces far in excess of the number needed for individual rewards in order to secure rank positions or in enjoyment of that level of competition. This kind of participation can be very enjoyable but also very expensive.


    Six's Pirate Booty (April 18-21, 2013)

    Casino Royale (June 12-16, 2013)

    Holiday Rumble (December 21-26, 2013)

    Roulette Showdown (April 30 - May 5, 2014)

    Casino Royale - Monte Carlo (November 26 - December 1, 2014)

    Casino Royale - High Rollers (June 11-16, 2015)

    Casino Royale - High Stakes (December 16-21, 2015)

    Casino Royale - Wild Card (May 18-23, 2016)

    Casino Royale - Shadow Queen(November 21-26, 2016)

    Casino Royale - Ace in the Hole
    (June 15-20, 2017)
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    Re: Community Event Guide

    PvP Events

    There is currently an annual event in the fall based on a modified battle list for player versus player duels and wars.

    Uses: Event tokens


    In PvP/Arena/Fight League style Events, players access an event battle list which is populated by players at their rank, a bit higher and a bit lower. Points are acquired by winning against opponents in duels or wars using event tokens to initiate the attacks. Bullet casings are also awarded, 3 for a win and 2 for a loss. The player moves up and down in set tiers depending on their win/loss (points). Winning against the same tier or higher awards more points than hitting lower tiers. Losing a fight, being defeated by an attacker and getting executed diminish player points.

    PvP events do reward players with experience.

    Token refills are typically 20 FP for 60 tokens or 10Fp for 30 tokens with tokens also naturally refilling on an event timer up to but not exceeding the capacity indicated. The number of casings required to earn the event LT would take more time than is available during the event.


    Players are rewarded depending on which tier they finish in (non-cumulative), overall rank (non-cumulative) and number of bullet casings (cumulative).

    There are also rewards for lucky ranks. (final ranks after the overall results have been calculated)


    Attack LTs are best equipped when going on the offensive.
    Defense and Health LTs/insignias are best equipped when not directly using your account.


    Fighting in regular PvP does not accrue Event benefits but also does not negatively affect player standing in the event.

    It is not necessary to heal in the event.

    Events are voluntary. With a PvP event, if a player has joined the event they will be attacked often and regularly so it is important for players to bank their money quickly and often.

    Since the PvP events do not use stamina or energy, it is not necessary to conserve refills in anticipation of this kind of event. Bossfighting and job completion can proceed as usual during these events. However, more difficult bosses may struggle as players are using FP for in-event refills instead of stamina refills so it is wise to not depend on making a boss public for it to finish in time.

    It is better to play consistently in order to use the regenerating event tokens in order to maximize individual player progress. Personal refill packs can be offered depending on player's rank during this event and that can help a player achieve individual rewards or maintain their rank. These are available for use when event tokens have been expended in lieu of an FP refill. The token refills can be also be conserved and used at a later point in the event.

    It is possible to strive towards individual rewards and rank rewards, but...
    If a player wishes to emphasize individual rewards then it is better to push hard at the very beginning of the event. This is because it is easier for lower level players to rise through the ranks and it will be easier to find easier opponents early on. If a player is more interested in rank rewards, it is better to play moderately and save their efforts for a big push towards the end of the event. This is because losses will deduct points from a player's progress and it is easier to gain a bulk amount of points at the end when they will not be lost as easily.


    Battle Royale (September 5-16, 2013)

    Battle Royale 2: Fight League (October 24 - November 5, 2014)

    Season 3 - Fight League (October 23 - November 2, 2015)

    Battle Royale: Hell Sonata (January 26 - February 5, 2017)
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    Re: Community Event Guide

    Million Man Boss Events

    MMB events are a series of repeating bosses that steadily increase in difficulty.

    Uses: Stamina only


    The event bosses are accessible through the MMB event banner. Each stage has the same recurring sets of sub-boss phases ending with a battle against the event LT. Players are able to choose their class before joining each stage/level of the MMB. Normal attacks are available for the classes along with blue bullets (generate MMB reward counters upon use) and gold/red bullets (increase critical chance bonus for the duration of the event). A damage bar is featured below the stage sub-bosses which is affected by the particular classes currently attacking a sub-boss. When the damage bar is fully charged it is possible for the players to greatly increase their damage on the sub-bosses until the bonus damage bar expires and needs recharging.

    MMB chat tokens are also dropped which allow player communication on the event chat.


    There are individual rewards based on number of MMB counters (eagles, wolves, etc.) and individual rank rewards based on player rank which depends on event points obtained from hitting the bosses.

    There are also community rewards awarded at the end of the event which depend on how high the MMB level goes.


    Duke and The Skull King can definitely make hitting the bosses with a large amount of stamina easier.
    LTs that increase attack are useful in MMB.
    LTs that increase stamina are also useful.
    Nautica is useful for increasing bullet drops.


    Using energy for jobs does not currently drop bullets for the MMB.

    Try to spread your participation/contribution across stages of the MMB, it appears that over-hitting the sub-bosses greatly decreases your chances at the unique event drops and even some of the regular boss drops. The list of possible drops is always included in the rewards section of the event - be sure to look it over if you are pursuing a particular drop or tech lab item.

    The UE community that is participating in the Event will receive certain rewards for the overall progress of the MMB set every 5 levels. It is not required that a player contribute to each level of the MMB or during each set of 5 levels in order to receive the award given the community as the MMB progresses. There is a minimum contribution requirement that is currently:

    Quote Originally Posted by UWE_Duke View Post
    If I remember it right, the minimum contribution amount is 5000 pts.
    A safe recommendation would also be to acquire the minimum rank or minimum counter amount needed to receive an award for individual efforts in order to guarantee a player account receives the overall community awards (update: for MMB3 and MMB4, 20 event items was enough to receive the community rewards).

    Rank rewards are based on MMB points and are directly proportional to the damage a player inflicts on the bosses. Hitting when the bonus bar is fully charged is one way to increase individual boss points. Another is from executing the level bosses (Scorpion does not affect boss decap but Anson does). Utilizing the golden bullets or LTs/Insignias to increase critical chance will also facilitate increasing damage/points. Comparing rank/points between accounts must take into account the relative attack power of the accounts compared.

    Participation rewards are based on Event counters acquired by using the blue bullets. At this point it is believed to be proportional to the amount of stamina expended by a player. An example would be that on average it took 90,000 stamina in MMB2 and MMB3 to get approximately 3,000 of the unique Event counters. There is an element of luck and RNG to bullet drops and it can be counterproductive to compare small sample sets - if comparison is desired it is better done across a larger number of stamina expenditures.


    There are no guarantees for points-threshold amounts, however during the MMB4 we estimated 100,000 typically gave 2 epics and often 3. It is also possible to drop 4 epics around 1,000,000 points and 5 epics around 3,000,000. There are definitely no certainties however, these are just very rough estimates. Legend drops are very hard to predict but were often awarded around the 100,000 point range.


    MMB 1 - Baron (July 1-8, 2014)

    MMB 2 - Assassin's Showdown (January 21-28, 2015)

    MMB 3 - Winter Wolves (August 19-26, 2015)

    MMB4 - The Cleaners (February 24-March 2, 2016)

    MMB5 - Femme Fatale
    (September 21-28)

    MMB6 - Cosa Nostra
    (April 20-27, 2017)
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    Re: Community Event Guide

    World Domination Events

    World Domination events are an EvE/Tech Lab kind of event that has happened once so far but involves some unique gameplay so a description was included in this guide in the event it is offered again in the future.

    Uses: Energy and stamina to drop parts for personal refill packs AND WD war tokens


    In World Domination, an empire can choose to participate in the event. There are separate war times for WD wars in addition to regularly scheduled empire wars. WD wars use a unique map consisting of a field of hexagons populated with various bonus buildings like 4 armories, 4 hospitals and 4 landmark buildings, plus one random bonus building in the center of the map. 6 empires begin the war in a headquarters building and then must conquer NPC controlled buildings or enemy areas to expand out into the field.

    *A unique feature of WD wars is the use of personal health and token packs. These refill a set amount of health or tokens that diminishes in effectiveness after each use. Binary parts of personal refill packs are dropped in job completion and bossfighting. These are then combined in the tech lab to create health/token refill packs usable in the WD wars.

    Individual points are awarded based on player actions while empire points depended on the area and buildings controlled over time. Players received points for tokens used (10 per token) during a battle, Personal Health Packs created (100 points each), and Token Recharge Packs created (50 points each) with points obtained from using them in wars. The empire with the most points wins that WD war. Empires earned points for the length of time they held buildings. Every minute, each empire earned 1 point for each warehouse held, 2 points per Hospital or Armory and 3 points per Landmark. Points were doubled for the building at the center of the map.

    Controlling an Armory reduced token regeneration time by 15 seconds. Hospitals contained health packs that restored 2000 health. A new health pack was generated every 120 seconds to a maximum of 10 in any one hospital.

    *Moving costs 1 token per hexagon


    There are individual rewards based on points awarded for personal recharge packs created and used. There are also rank rewards for individual players.

    There are also empire rewards based on empire ranking.


    The LTs a player uses for regular EvE wars are recommended for WD wars.

    For the tech lab side of the event:

    LTs like Duke, The Skull King, and Baron can again be very useful for making energy/stamina expenditures faster.
    Brainiac for easier and more efficient pack creation.
    Nautica is very useful towards increasing potential drops.
    Isis is useful for a chance to double pack creation.
    Frank can add a chance of free actions which can increase the chances to drop parts.
    LTs that increase energy or stamina can also prove beneficial, particularly upon leveling.


    There are several threads on World Domination strategies currently.

    It is possible to heal from the hospitals or from personal refills in WD wars. When a player is killed and a building lost, they will respawn back to their empire headquarters. Buildings in which all defenders were killed could be destroyed and would rebuild under the destroying empire's control, taking one minute.

    Organizing calls can be overwhelming and problematic for empires new to World Domination. Each hexagon is labeled with a letter and number to facilitate communication, each hex was identified by a letter and a number, running from a to k left-to-right and 1 to 21 bottom-to-top. The six HQs were in hexes a-6, a-16, f-1, f-21, k-6, and k-16.

    Burnout is a factor that each empire should address in their own way. WD wars are fast paced or chaotic at times and can be challenging for officers to coordinate. Combining WD wars alongside regularly scheduled EvE wars can also lead to some tired and frustrated empire members.

    When considering individual rewards, the Event can best be considered as a tech lab event. Players should attempt to create and use a sufficient number of personal refills to attain their goal rewards. Using the packs can be of great use to a player's empire but the diminishing value of them can be countered by allocating a portion of inventoried personal refills to each war time.

    When considering empire rewards, it becomes important to balance the value of the rewards to the cost of achieving them for your empire.

    Since points are obtained from the hexagons held over time and the value of those spaces - it is a good strategy for an overwhelmingly strong empire to conquer as much of the map as quickly as possible and simply hold it. For more mid-range empires or during a war with more equivalent opponents, it becomes better to claim a majority of the bonus buildings and hold as much of the surrounding area as possible but putting special emphasis on holding the bonus buildings. For smaller or outmatched empires, it may be possible to make alliances with other empires on the group WD chat or PMs to make the most of a challenging situation.


    beta test of World Domination (March, 2015)

    World War/World Domination Event (April 13-27, 2015)
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    Re: Community Event Guide

    Mini-Events or Heists

    In 2017 Gaea released mini-events into the game. These consist of a short-term challenge in a specific area of the game: jobs, EvE, PvP, etc. where the rewards that can be released are rare crate shards, epic crate shards, and mystery tokens. The mystery tokens can be used in the TechLab to create faction specific weapons increasing attack or defense.

    This section is a work in progress as more heists are released or repeated. Please feel free to use the comments thread to keep it up-to-date.
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    Re: Community Event Guide

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