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Brian's story
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Thread: Brian's story

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    Brian's story

    Entry 37

    It worked! Ha! It works!! Our test subject was rendered wholly incapacitated after one shot from the SM device. Suck on that tough guy wanna be Roman! If Diablo doesn't appreciate the brilliance surrounding the applications around the SM device then he is an utter fool not worthy of a seat at my table when I take control over his mindless drones and have them carry out my bidding.

    The slums? Mud Town? Think bigger! World wide domination! I will take over Brazil, Russia and Japan within weeks.

    But will she notice... my quest to take over the Cartel and rule the world aside, everything has been leading up to her. She is my true purpose...

    I believe another test run is in order.

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    Re: Brian's story

    Entry 41

    That could have went better...

    The SM device was designed to subject it's intended target into a persistent, vegetative state. Unable to move or speak.

    I achieved this goal with the Centurion, although it appears he has since recovered. Ha! Hahaha! Of course he has. They all have! After enduring a direct hit from the SMd he not only walked away (5:14 minutes later) but wound up days later with an unintended macrobiotic side affect. The SMd altered his genetic constitution, destroying all parasites, viruses, disease. Everything that mountainous pile of refuse had ever suffered in his past has apparently been eradicated.

    If only I had this information yesterday...

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