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    You can blame a slow work day for this one. I just figured that we spend so much time in their world, it would be interesting to find a place for the UE lieutenants in ours. It was a fun afternoon if nothing else.

    If you'd like to contribute - simply pick your favorite Underworld Empire content and find a real life background or setting for it. I'll post some to get things started

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    Re: ue.irl

    Here is Victoria, reminding me of all the wrongs I was about to commit:

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    Re: ue.irl

    Here is Yugo advertising international experiences:

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    Re: ue.irl

    Hydra, Chimera, and Cerberus in their proper setting:

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    Re: ue.irl

    Here is a summer program we can all get on board with:

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    Re: ue.irl

    I'm not sure Saw and Buster make the best spokespeople:

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    Re: ue.irl

    Miss Conduct catches Manic

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    Re: ue.irl

    Malina finally gets that adjunct position

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    Re: ue.irl

    Literally the current site activities of the forums

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    Re: ue.irl

    Kisa moonlights as a model for stock photography

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    Re: ue.irl

    Of course King would be a lawyer as well as crime boss

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    Re: ue.irl

    Some of you may have overlooked Joey's part in a cult classic

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    Re: ue.irl

    Who knew they had their own building?

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    Re: ue.irl

    It's not Amsterdam but it seemed like Fleur should be outside. Maybe singing in some Austrian field would have been better but this will have to do...

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    Re: ue.irl

    Seemed fitting

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    Re: ue.irl

    Pretty sure it's not that kind of biking...

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    Re: ue.irl

    Alpha's defiance

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    Re: ue.irl

    Best way to contemplate nature is usually with a club of some kind

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    Re: ue.irl

    Nothing like a good recruitment poster

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    Re: ue.irl

    Finally, a fitting spokesperson!

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