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Thread: Underworld Empire Arts and Crafts

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    Underworld Empire Arts and Crafts

    In honor of those going back to school this fall and anyone with kids in school,
    let's start an arts and crafts thread!

    Backstory: I was recently invited to play with some Perler beads. For anyone not in the know, these are the melty beads or fusible beads. You assemble them on your tray of pegs in some arrangement and then use an iron to melt them together. It probably isn't a surprise that inspiration hit to make something UE themed. As we assembled our little creations destined for the trash, I realized there would be many more future opportunities to make silly craft projects.

    So as you complete school assignments or play with the kiddos, consider making some fan arts/crafts and posting them here.

    Bring on the cross-stitch, the play-dough sculptures, the googly eyes. Show us your low expectations art. I'll start with my melty-bead masterpiece:

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    Re: Underworld Empire Arts and Crafts

    Continuing to melt things, the kid and I got into the crayons recently. We had a lot of fun but didn't really know what we were doing. She attempted a rainbow wave that became a river of brown and I attempted a UWE logo.

    After the fact, I tried to find examples of melted words but evidently screwed up by not having a rainbow or an umbrella so here it is again:

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    Re: Underworld Empire Arts and Crafts

    Happy October everyone!

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