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Thread: [UPDATED 4/21] UE Gameplay Guide/Facts

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    [UPDATED 4/21] UE Gameplay Guide/Facts


    The Game Gurus and I thought it would be helpful to compile the popular and most frequently cited links within the Forums in one location.
    This guide is planned to be updated as threads open or close up, if there is a new guide, new information that helps, etc.

    I guess it can be called a "Beginner's Guide" and go to for In-Game Information. Some of these guides are user-made and some are official declarations announced by the team so please use it as you will.

    Key User Made and Official Information

    Some Key and Basic Information

    The Duel system When Attacking
    Player Attack stat + 70% player defense stat + (total attack of lieutenant and item stat) + 70% (total defense of lieutenant and items) + % luck factor
    *Please note that you only bring 1 of each of the three types of weapons (melee, gun, and rifle) as well as vehicle, gear, and a lieutenant*
    The Duel system When Defending
    70% player attack stat + player defense stat + 70% (total attack of lieutenant and items) + (total defense of lieutenant and items) + % luck factor


    "BSI" (noun) - Battle Stat Index based gameplay account
    "LSI" (noun) - Level Stat Index based gameplay account
    "Hybrid" (noun) - A combination of above, hypothetical(...?)
    "Hunting" (verb) - Boss/Item searching

    Over time, the stickies in the main Guide Hub will be removed by end of AUG 2015 to de-clutter the top threads.
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