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    Round Robin UE

    So this is a game we play at our house and would work well as posts here. So each person takes a turn telling the next part of the story. Don't forget to read the Fan Art guidelines and let's have some fun!

    "It was a dark and stormy night on the television set and the kids were finally asleep. With the oldest repeatedly calling for trivial things and the baby teething earlier, it was now at last blessedly quiet. Tonight was your spouse's pick, a Tim Curry flick from 1985 and the suspects... characters, had just started showing up at the mansion.

    "The living room was illuminated by a harsh yellow flare of light from outside followed by a dull rumble that shook the house. Simultaneously neighborhood car alarms shrieked, one child nervously wakes up and a baby cries, and the phone rings. You exchange resigned looks with your spouse, they grab a bottle and head upstairs while you grab your gun and badge and head downtown.

    "The corrupt city is at war (again) but you manage to make your way to the precinct via back alleys and side-streets. You stroll into the chaos and madness then spot your partner who waves you over to explain...

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    Re: Round Robin UE

    Your partner offers a resigned sigh as he motions over to the Financial District. 'Tagg and Scorpion have gathered a few small time thugs and are hitting all the banks in the city. Meanwhile Preacher and Alpha got together with two known felons, Razor and Manic. They're at war with Sin and Fang's crew, causing chaos in Westside. Don't ask how Manic got out, we don't know.'

    With a sudden explosion causing your ears to ring, you and your partner drop to a crouch, drawing your weapons. Duke and Officer Mike rush over, shouting about a crazed Joker and some thugs dressed like clowns killing everyone they can in the Slums. Duke tosses you a bullet proof vest, shouting over the sounds of gunfire and car alarms. 'Who do we go after first? Your call.'

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