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    Compatibility List

    Hey all! *waves waves*

    So, I wanted to make this and provide this list because, well, a lot of people ask...and I hope it helps! I'll add to it when I learn more and can put it here! I...thought it would be helpful ...

    So what you do is you look at your device and then check out if your model number matches. Usually, the model number is listed on the back of the device for Apple devices or you can also see it in the Settings > About Device for Android.

    Current Incompatible Devices for iOS:

    iPhone 1, 3G

    iPod touch 1, 2

    *Um, note: I know that there are issues with older devices but I did not include them since Renn talked about getting a fix out to those who use them and they technically...are supported...

    Current Incompatible Devices for Android:

    Sony Xperia z2
    Toshiba AT100 - Type: tostab03
    Acer Liquid C1 - Type: Model 11
    Asus MeMo PAD - Type: me172v
    Fonepad Note 6 - Type: K00G
    BYD Prestigio - Type: PAP5430, PAP5430
    Dell Venue 8 Yellowtail
    Lenovo K900
    Digiland - Type: DL701Q
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Models: lt02wifilgt, lt02lte, lt023g, lt023gdtv,lt02ltetmo, lt02ltespr
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Models: lt02kidswifi
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus Models: GT P6200, SGH - T869, GT - P6201, GT - P6210
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Models: SCH - I905, GT - P7503, SGH - T859, SHW - M380K. GT - P7500 D, SHW - M380W, santos10lte, GT - P7500, SHW - M380S
    Galaxy Tab 10.1 N Model: GT - P7511
    Galaxy Tab 10.1 v Model: p3
    HTCore Harmon/Kardon Edition

    May not run properly or at all:

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ (very new to market)
    Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (very new to market)
    Oppo R7 or Oppo R7
    Ellipsis 8
    Samsung Mega 2

    I thought it would be better to list the devices that are not compatible...I really hope it helps others!

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