Yesterday on the 27th, the team had mad efforts to provide a token of our appreciation to those on Android. For that wait, we provided our Android community with the following:

1x Epic Fury Insignia
1x Rare Aegis Insignia
1x Uncommon Beast Insignia
$1 million cash
300 alloy
1 Crate Roll Voucher

These items were added to any balances within the correct inventory location. The amount of items and rarity of Insignia was intended to give those who play on Android opportunity to progress further positively.

In saying that, we apologize for the issues with crashing last night after 7:15 PM PST up until this morning on the 28th at 9:15 AM PST. The issue stemmed from our end that affected the following:

  • LT page stuck when loading on Android
  • Black Screens
  • Trying to get to profile page
  • Within PvP

This did affect those on Android AND on iOS unfortunately. We sincerely apologize that this occurred since the core intention was to provide something positive.