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Thread: Most EVE Caps?

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    Most EVE Caps?

    I Don't know if this is the most but it is a record for me
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    Re: Most EVE Caps?

    Pretty good. I want to say mine was at least 50, Cunning was good for me that war.

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    Re: Most EVE Caps?

    That's awesome Joker!! My best is 34 with only decap 2 and no cunning.
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    Re: Most EVE Caps?

    I didn't get cunning that war

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    Re: Most EVE Caps?

    Mine is 37 I think. Been awhile since I actively hunted for x . Grats ������

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    Re: Most EVE Caps?

    My best was 48, cap is at 770

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    Re: Most EVE Caps?

    I don't have cunning and my caps were dodged 3 times by an enforcer with die hard that battle tho, had 6* Gunslinger getting me my tokens more quickly however

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