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5/22 - Android Black Screen Status
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Thread: 5/22 - Android Black Screen Status

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    5/22 - Android Black Screen Status


    5/22/15 @ 4:48 PM PST An update on the progress for this issue can be found here:

    Quote Originally Posted by UWE_Renn View Post
    Hey all,

    Good news! Insignias are rolling out on Android! Unfortunately we had to remove some of the game improvements to make it happen, but we recognize that in Underworld, every day counts. You should all see an update in the store within the next several hours.

    If you still have a black screen AFTER the update, try fully uninstalling and reinstalling the app from the store, and if it's STILL black screening at that point, respond here and send a support ticket.

    Compensation for Android users will go out next week, so keep an eye out! I'll also be getting back to my "Dev Post"s next week, so if you have a topic you'd love to see covered, feel free to post about it!

    The conversation is here: http://underworldempireforums.com/sh...l=1#post131970

    5/22/15 @ 1:51 PM PST The team is aware of the issue that still concerns those who have been affected by the Android Black Screen issue. Remember that the issue only affects the 20% that had been given the update. While the team had worked with the Android team to get a solution in place. Our team is still working diligently to get the situation rectified as positively as possible. The latest thread response was sent on the 22nd of May here:

    Quote Originally Posted by UWE_Renn View Post
    Hey all,

    Another update! We've started the rollout of a new update to resolve the black screen bug. It can take several hours for the rollout to propagate to the Play store and then to be distributed out, so it may still be a little while before you see it. This update is ONLY going to the 20% of users who received the previous update.

    We know of one device type still exhibiting the black screen with this new build [AT&T LG G3 with Android 5.0.1], but if you receive the update and are still experiencing the black screen, then please send in a support ticket!

    A couple more known issues:
    Infinite loading screen: Happens rarely and randomly. Fixed by re-opening the app.
    Non-responsive screen: Happens rarely and randomly. Fixed by re-opening the app.

    If you find any other game weirdness feel free to send in a ticket with details (and screen shots )!

    This history and conversation on this subject can be found here: http://underworldempireforums.com/sh...d-War-Feedback

    The team is working to get this issue fixed and is a priority to the team. Thank you for your patience.
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