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    Re: Insignia Guide

    i wanted to share an attacking insignia of mine that was ruined when upgraded from lvl 10 to lvl 15..so unlucky20160619_023026-1.jpg

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    Re: Insignia Guide

    Can salene or anyone answer simple ??? I have about insignia how you know which is best for which Lt.please

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    Re: Insignia Guide

    I'm sure it will sound like a stupid question - but I can't figure out what are BSIs and LSIs - high or low what?

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    Re: Insignia Guide

    LSI = leveling strength index
    BSI = battle strength index

    BSI i know is calculated by (attack + defense) / level

    Basically, LSI applies to beginner players that put there stat points in energy and stamina to keep a constant leveling speed, while BSI applies to have low energy and stamina and put more stat points in attack or defense.
    Ofcourse once you reach a certain level/stat points these names are not so relevant nowdays.

    Nowdays, LSI is used for a player that has 2000 energy / 1000 stamina, no matter of how much attack and defense he has (specially if he is high level with a lot of those). And other names appeared, like Half LSI (1000 en, 500 stamina) or Double LSI, Triple LSI, Infinite LSI.

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