Greetings! Welcome to the Underworld Herald!

Included in today's issue: News, Community Highlights, Future Plans

  • Update to Version 1.45
    1. New Items
    2. New Lieutenants
    3. New Job Area - Russia
  • Lieutenant Malina
    - The Winner of the Create a Lieutenant Contest is now available in game
  • Secret Jobs
    - Can be accessed after completing each job area to 5 Stars. Prize is a free crate spin. As of 7.8.13, only the Secret Job in the Slums has been released. More to come in the future.
  • Arena

  • New Forum Section
  • Art Section on Forums has been Merged with General Discussion
  • Itsuki Continues her work on "We could only Survive"
    1. Here is the Link to her work: Click here
    2. Another Player has created a Graphic Rendition of her story here: Click
  • Casino Royale Top 200 Players were listed
  • Best Ol' Insult Event has now Closed with Winners Announced: Click here

Future Plans:
  • More Secret Job Releases
  • More Promotions
  • New Events (on forums and in game) - Arena
  • Player Hosted Event(s) on forums
  • etc

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