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Thread: EvE Matchmaking Explanation

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    Re: EvE Matchmaking Explanation

    What I find to be lacking is that underdogs are gone.. If the little guy can't win even when the other guy doesn't even show up then the excitement or possible suprise is gone... When new abilities came out ... I read ... Reveal .. Explosives .. Adaptation .. Stim ect and started trying to cross the classes for strategy to have a say in outcome...

    Like reveal would be an available target to the whole team .. Would have diminishing returns against lower lvl targets by a factor .. Ect .. Reveal 10 targets in 3 or 6 and have 10 demo guys plant and set off explosives as a " hail marry " against a much more powerful empire ..
    It's not there .. If always was but people have put spent the possibility of competition...

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    Re: EvE Matchmaking Explanation

    Just my two cents but if there was a chance that the crappy team throws runs all trick plays they could possibly pull colossal upsets it would draw complaints but it would livin the game for even the players who are too big to worry anymore

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    Re: EvE Matchmaking Explanation

    EVE is the best and worst part of this game. It is great when a war comes down to the last 5 mins, but horrible when's if over before it even starts. Sadly it seems like there are more and more wars over before they start.

    Usually Tank is helpful in his posts, but I don't know anymore about the match up system than before the post was created. More information would be helpful.

    First, rank and match ups should be separated and only loosely connected. Our new empire has been as high as legend 187 and all the way down to gold. At the end of the season, if somehow we made legend because of 3 wins in a row, but had a losing record, that would be just stupid and unfair for an deserving empire who had one bad war on the last day. Ranking should be wins and loses and total points (in case of tie breakers) in wars during the season, period. Maybe you weight the last 50 or 100, if a team had several strong players join and they get a good streak going at the end of the season. What if LS goes undefeated until the very last match of the season and finishes 10th or 20th? Is there any doubt they aren't the strongest empire, yet the current system could punish them for losing one war. This isn't the old college football BCS.

    The algorithm for match ups is screwed up for all the levels except legend. It does not meet any of the 4 goals posted for mid level teams.

    You need an apples to apple comparison for empires to create your pool. How are you tracking activity? Is it just number of people who log in, is it number of battle points earned? Empires should be matched up by taking upgrades, number of actives, level of players, age of the empire, and even the war slot, into account.

    Our empire is less than 3 months old, but every time we win a war, the next one is a team we have no shot at beating. They have higher level players and more actives and more upgrades. As the game grows players, we need more empires, though I admit there are too many empires. If newer empires are punished for being new, then you lose future players and revenue. Match ups for the mid level teams needs a lot work to keep things more evenly matched.

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    Re: EvE Matchmaking Explanation

    That happened to my empire too cuz after.we won a war by 2 points, we versed a team whose average level was 300 while ours is like 50ish 100osh and of course we lost by like 20 points lol

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    Re: EvE Matchmaking Explanation

    I completely agree with many of the statements in this thread. Although each season is a THREE MONTH MARATHON, your final ranking is basically an assessment of your last 3-4 wars. It is very unfair. Last season consisted of 368 wars. But realistically, the actual final standings are based on the last 3-4 wars and more specifically, your very last war. Two seasons in a row, my empire were in the lower 100s in Legend heading into the last war. Which we lost both times, and of course, fell to top of diamond league. There must be a better way to determine an Empire's strength for a THREE MONTH season other than their very last war.

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    Re: EvE Matchmaking Explanation

    What happens when there is an odd number of empires? Let's say that there are 1001 empires queued up to do battle in all Leagues. There would be 500 wars and that would mean one empire would have no one to battle. What happens? Does that odd empire not not get to battle?

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    Re: EvE Matchmaking Explanation

    Quote Originally Posted by Bugo View Post
    What happens when there is an odd number of empires? Let's say that there are 1001 empires queued up to do battle in all Leagues. There would be 500 wars and that would mean one empire would have no one to battle. What happens? Does that odd empire not not get to battle?
    I believe you fight an empire a league below you. And you won't run out of empires to face there's 100s of inactive ones even for free pts

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    Re: EvE Matchmaking Explanation

    Can we please stop with the redundant match ups. We played the same team 3 times in 6 matches. Really? And none of them were even close. The score was 160 to 45 in the most "competitive" of the matches. I'm sure there was some other team we could have played during two of those.

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    Re: EvE Matchmaking Explanation

    I have a newer empire, lower levels, level 2 hq. We are generally active, 11-19 show up for wars, and in the beginning we started off with a big winning streak. Since then we have had so many bad matchs, going up against shields and nuke silos and research labs, all high level fams. We bounce back and forth between gold and platinum league, our win /loss is pretty much even.
    Lol I would love to come across game with at least similar range of upgrades (like other games it looks at hq level kinda thing). I know level ranges are all over the place. But it would be nice to have a few more balanced wars. The wars are fun, and are funniest when closer matches for sure.

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