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Thread: Guide: Reporting Posts & Ignoring Users

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    Guide: Reporting Posts & Ignoring Users

    In an effort to help with bettering the forum experience, I'll be showing everyone how to both report a post, as well as ignore a specific users posts. Also, I would like to direct members to the Forum Rules to make sure you understand what justifies reporting another member.

    Why both are useful tools that should be utilized more
    Reporting a post allows for the moderators of the forum to quickly view the post and take action if the situation needs it. This method of dealing with disputes allows for you to avoid getting into an argument and keeps the forum free of excess problems. It also allows for members of the forum to aid in helping keep it a friendly environment we can all enjoy.

    If you find that a certain poster is always getting under your skin or saying things that constantly cause you to act irrationally or emotionally, this is the tool that should be used. When a member's posts are ruining your experience on the forums, choosing the option to ignore their posts allows you to never have to see what they're saying.

    Reporting a Post
    The first thing to do is verify that the post you are reporting is actually breaking the Forum Rules linked above (They're located in the FAQ). Then you click on the little triangle located beside "Blog this Post".

    This will bring you to a page with a place for you to type the message you want to send when reporting the post. Please provide a brief description for why you feel the post is breaking the rules. As it states on the reporting page though "This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising messages, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts."

    Ignoring a User
    Once you have found the user that you want to ignore, (1) click on the their name, and (2) click on View Profile.

    Once on the users Profile Page, you must select "Add to Ignore List", this will bring you to a page to confirm your decision, click Yes to add that user to your ignore list.

    By just utilizing these functions on the forum you can aid in helping better the community. Thank you.
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    Re: Guide: Reporting Posts & Ignoring Users

    Paul, you should blurr a little more, I can tell what you are trying to blurr,

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    Re: Guide: Reporting Posts & Ignoring Users

    Quote Originally Posted by Shane View Post
    Paul, you should blurr a little more, I can tell what you are trying to blurr,
    Done, my mistake, was unintentional.
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