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Thread: Underworld Herald #2

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    Underworld Herald #2


    Hello and Welcome to the Underworld Herald!

    Included in today's issue: News, Community Highlights, Future Plans

    • Version 1.42 is out
      Included in the update was:
      1. Achievements
      2. Updated Lieutenant screen to show modified stats and proper max level
      3. iPad Compatible Version
      4. Speed improvements
      5. New way to link accounts to devices
      6. Further Improvements
    • Character Binding is up and running after having been down for Maintenance.
    • New Class Skills have been released. For further explanation please look to Developer Manimal's Thread: New Class Powers Explained
    • New Legendary Weapons have been released - See This Thread.
      1. Enzo's Law
      2. Mastermind's Rooks
      3. Sin's Phoenix Rifle
      4. Diablo's Demon

    • The Third Installment of the player run Mafia Game is going on now!
    • Sexy Evan wrote a great piece entitled " The Battle "
    • The Forum Story is now an ongoing piece of work by Matt3600.
    • Vincent talks about seeing people on his newsfeed in game after meeting them on forums. What he feels and the thoughts that go through his head. He engages you to respond with your own thoughts and feelings on the topic in the thread Executed by Fellow Forumers.
    • The community's registered user base has Increased greatly in the past month. Please tell your friend in game about forums as there are Events and Information they might otherwise never know.
    • Remember to check out our Facebook Page and Twitter Page (@UWEmpire)

    Events in the Month of May:
    • Make a Header Contest

    • Small Forum Event(s)
    • Release of Russia and New Lieutenants
    • Special Item Promotions
    • Regular News Updates
    • Another in game event

    (Please note that all text in blue are links)
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