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Thread: Underworld Herald #1

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    Underworld Herald #1


    Hello and Welcome to the Underworld Herald!

    Included in today's issue: News, Community Highlights, Future Plans

    • Version 1.40 is coming soon!
      Included in this update:
      1. Achievements
      2. Updated Lieutenant screen to show modified stats and proper max level
      3. iPad Compatible Version
      4. Speed improvements
      5. New way to link accounts to devices
      6. Further Improvements
    • After being spammed by over 50k+ blog posts on forums we have cleared and reopened them. Permissions have been reset so that only players who have been on forums for 30 days with at least 10 posts may create blogs.
    • Players have created an Underworld Empire subreddit, /r/UnderworldEmpire, on
    • The player made and maintained Wiki Pages are growing but need some help.

    • The player dubbed "WWIII" is over
    • We had a fun and Exciting time due to player OmniReaper's Mafia Game
    • Players are also talking about Finding Love in UW
    • The Forum Story is now taking applications for players who would like to be included in Matt3600's new work.
      Matt3600's Other Work(s):
    • There is also a thread of bragging rights about places you have Played Empire Wars called Coolest Place(s) you have Dropped Tokens. What does the most favorite place seem to be so far? The good ol' lavatory of course!
    • The community's registered user base has grown 88% in the month of April. Please tell your friend in game about forums as there are Events and Information they might otherwise never know.
    • Do not forget to keep up to date with Player Sock's Empire Battle Statistics!

    Events in the Month of April:
    • Lieutenant Six Event
    • Create your own Lieutenant Event

    • Small Forum Event
    • Release of version 1.40
    • Regular News Updates

    (Please note that all text in blue are links)
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