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Thread: Battle Royale 2: Fight League

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    Battle Royale 2: Fight League

    Brace yourselves!

    [Update] Battle Royale 2: Fight League

    Battle Royale 2: Fight League will officially be starting tomorrow (10/24/14) at 12:00PM noon Pacific Time.

    Run time: 10/24/14 to 11/5/14, 12:00 PM Noon Pacific Time

    Clarification on our Situation:

    As you know, Arena was postponed for 2 days and we wanted to take the time to discuss with you why and what happened.

    Why would an update be necessary for Battle Royale?

    Based on consideration from many great points brought up by our players from our last Arena event, we worked really hard to bring you all a new and improved Battle Royale experience. Some of these new changes required an app update on both the Apple and Google store.

    After spending considerable development time updating the event, we submitted the update for Apple review 20 days ago. However, after submission, there was a recent change to the Apple approval process which has caused industry wide delays and unfortunately we were one of the game studios affected.

    Although Apple wasn’t able to review our update in time, we found a solution to bring arena to you with all the bells and whistles (minus graphics polishes) that were originally intended. We sincerely appreciate the patience you have had in this regard. We know you have been looking forward to Battle Royale just as much as we have! I am happy to report that the Battle Royale 2: Fight League will be arriving on 10/24/14 at Noon Pacific Time.

    In the meantime, here is a sneak peak of what’s coming up:
    • Improved matchmaking algorithm
    • Updated point reward system
    • Chance for all players to earn prizes through all new contribution rewards

    Rewards teaser:

    - Tank
    - Tank
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