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Thread: Content Suggestion Thread 2

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    Content Suggestion Thread 2

    Use this thread for your content suggestions.

    From the Content Suggestion Thread 1:


    Features that PA has already implemented
    • Daily Bonuses
    • Refresh button for EvE
    • Android Version
    • War Logs
    • Ability to view possible prizes for boss fights
    • Boss Battle Animation
    • Camera Panning EvE removal
    • More Class Abilities
    • New Types of Events
    • Lieutenant Borders changed for Rarity
    • Change loading screen more often
    • Name Color and Chat Color for Officers and Leaders in Empire Chat
    • Improve Building Tech lab items
    • Empire Event Logs - seen in regular Empire chat in blue font
    • Monthly Updates/Events - working on continual improvement of this process
    • More Promotional Packages
    • More upgrades for Empire Buildings
    • New Content Suggestion Thread
    • Preset Lieutenant Seating
    • Deposit all for banking

    Features PA will discuss further (this is not a guarantee that it will be implemented; just that it passes the sensibility test)
    • Empire Search
    • Display if won/lost in PvP via duel or war in notifications
    • Filtering in War Logs
    • Multiple ally removal
    • Semi-recharges for Energy and Stamina
    • Mark Target function in EvE
    • New Gifts
    • Showing the difference for stamina hits if Duke is seated

    Features PA is unlikely to implement
    • Drag and Drop lieutenant seating
    • Wanted postings and/or Bounties
    • Select own weapons
    • Inactive player Boss Battler Removal
    • Reset(s)- Stats/Character/Class Upgrades

    • There will be updates coming for Empire vs Empire Battles
    • We are working hard and are focusing on having more monthly updates and events - We always welcome to new ideas for events in game or on forums

    - Tank
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    Re: Content Suggestion Thread 2

    Not being allowed to attack your allies would be nice ( like in Castle Age ). If you wanna attack one simply delete the ally .

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    Re: Content Suggestion Thread 2

    Please god, new executions

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    Re: Content Suggestion Thread 2

    Speaking as an empire leader, I really want a total token used counter during wars that both sides can see. Maybe something at the bottom of the leader board. Just to tell you how many tokens have been spent by a certain side in total. It would be fantastic to know if you lost because you didn't have enough tokens total, or because you used the tokens you did have poorly. Thank you.

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    Re: Content Suggestion Thread 2

    How about making it so if you attack anyone whos more than 2 hundred levels lower than you, you lose battles points for your trouble and in this scenario a safe rank is not safe either , it will encourage people to fight similar people the same level as them and make them think a bit more before hitting down and could make wars outside of eve more interesting lol.

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    Re: Content Suggestion Thread 2

    So glad to see a new thread regarding suggestions!

    I think it'd be cool to add a few new buildings, ones that can create 10 stamina and energy drinks

    Also some new bosses would be pretty sweet. Nothing more difficult than a Medellin though. Maybe with this we can get new gifts to summon these bosses?

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    Re: Content Suggestion Thread 2

    Give rewards for being top empires in boss and eve -- like crate rolls. Top empire gets 10 free, 2-5 get 5 free and 6-10 get 3 free crate rolls, for example. Give rewards to the top empires.
    Have some sort of leaderboard/ranking for pvp other than just 24. and give rewards for that as well.

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    Re: Content Suggestion Thread 2

    Individual EvE stats would be awesome. Per war and cumulative.

    With achievements! X# Deflects, X#Deflect Kills X#Total Damage absorbed....
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    Re: Content Suggestion Thread 2

    Pretty cool if we could see our record in EvE against another empire when you click on them. I don't know if Underworld Empire already tracks that in their database, if they did, be fun to see.

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    Re: Content Suggestion Thread 2

    How about a chance to get old FP only LT's. So hard to get hotwire or others like her that are only available in scratchers if you missed them when leveling at the start of your character.

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    Re: Content Suggestion Thread 2

    Some sort of plan has to be made to update the game to account for the long term players.

    Achievements, gifts, battle ranks, properties, class skills, executions, gear, tech lab.... all at or near completion for a lot of players.

    I beg you.... before you start working on adding new features, update the ones in the game already. Just turning on the executions(that are already there) would cause the largest mass killing UE has ever seen. It would be awesome, lol

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    Re: Content Suggestion Thread 2

    How about being able to sort your allies by level when gifting? That way you can send level appropriate gifts.

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    Re: Content Suggestion Thread 2

    Quote Originally Posted by UWE_Tank View Post
    Use this thread for your content suggestions.

    [*] Semi-recharges for Energy and Stamina

    - Tank
    ??? What do you mean by this Tank. Care to explain what and how that means ?

    Quote Originally Posted by UWE_Tank View Post
    Use this thread for your content suggestions.
    Notes: [list][*] There will be updates coming for Empire vs Empire Battles[*] Preset Lieutenant Seating

    - Tank
    This will be a good update. Save the hassle of changing 1 lt at a time.

    What about repeated event ? Season 2 events would be nice.
    How about consolation prize for scratches ? Nothing fancy but say common or uncommon stuffs / gears works fine. This only apply for Platinum as it cost 5fp each or 45 fps for 10s.

    Ninja edit : New executions would be nice. Its getting old and boring seeing the same execution bonuses.

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    Re: Content Suggestion Thread 2

    Quote Originally Posted by Ainrexik View Post
    How about a chance to get old FP only LT's. So hard to get hotwire or others like her that are only available in scratchers if you missed them when leveling at the start of your character.
    I'd personally love the opportunity to buy the special gear each one offers. I have all the LTs but I didn't know how helpful the extra stat boosts from LT-specific gear could be, and missed a bunch of them early on. I don't think there's any way to get Seven's bike or Nightshade's choker now that I'm past the level range when they were originally offered. Hell, I'd even pay an extra FP or two just to get what I could have previously bought for 10 FP if it means completing my otherwise unfinished "sets."

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    Re: Content Suggestion Thread 2

    -PVP Champion. I personally don't consider PVP my favorite part of the game. However while I can see that PVP is a huge and vital part of the game--there is little content or reward in playing it. Top EVE Empires get a nice badge--there is no reward for PVP players. Having a true champion would be awesome and I can see that it can be tricky but there is much to be gained in this part of the game. A quick fix or concession could be seasonal competition (EVE style) or raising of BR's to the point where only 1 would have the honor. Most the regular players know who is PVP king at the moment--Hot Boy. But without a true "belt" but how many would step up to try and take it? There's little motivation for an unofficial prize.

    -Stats, stats, stats as mentioned byothers above. All major sports / games have statistics for every scenario for a reason--people love stats. In EVE and PVP it would be great to know individual stats--the more the better.

    -EVE awards. Not crate rolls--that would be like awarding the Super Bowl winner with extra high draft picks. More along the lines of LT skins and other cosmetics extras.

    -Change how health negatively impacts PVP and possibly the PVP formula. It doesn't make sense and sucks that you have to choose between EVE and PVP--it's kind of silly how health can make one can be tough in one but make one weaker in the other. Decrease high health liability by limiting Health refills per PVP fight to 1x-2x + making running away a % chance or include health as toughness modifier, sort of like having a weak / strong chin--being able to KO someone with a significant dmg crit hit (like Killing Spree in EVE) would be awesome.

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    Re: Content Suggestion Thread 2

    Since the LT screen is not a huge priority, instead of allowing customizable LT screens, what about setting it up so that you can view your LTs by rarity type (like they do currently) or by power level like they show in your profile screen. Since you already have the coding to list them in that order for the profile screen it should not take a lot of work to make it possible to view them in that order in the LT screen. That way those with high level commons and uncommons can access them easily and not have to scroll through all of their LTs. Just my two cents.

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    Re: Content Suggestion Thread 2

    The daily rewards are terrible. The last 2 times I have gotten to the 2 scratch tickets they both have payed out nothing. That's crap. I sign in everyday and at the end of 2 weeks I am rewarded with nothing thanx a lot..........

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    Re: Content Suggestion Thread 2

    Level caps? I know, seems to be a dirty word for PA, but you have one to 80. Then after that you are free for anyone to hit you. Plus they made it even easier by allowing high levels to just choose an empire and run through the ranks.
    Maybe add a cap for every 300 lvls. Hell, I'd be happy with every 500 lvls.
    And yeah, I agree with the post above me. Daily rewards are useless after Lvl 50. Maybe add some better rewards for higher Lvl players. Don't think a lvl 1500 needs a S&M mask or a kitchen knife.
    Hey, you could add award tiers based on what Lvl cap range you are in. Yeah, I know... Pipe dreams.
    PA operates with the philosophy that higher lvls hitting down on lower lvls will force the lower Lvl into fit of rage resulting in said lower lvl busting out his credit card and dropping 5k real quick so he can beat that guy. Don't think that's gonna happen. At least not the majority.

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    Re: Content Suggestion Thread 2

    I'd like to see a little improvement in te war log: 'Mister X has trapped Mister Z'. Would be good to keep track of what happens just a little bit more!

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    Re: Content Suggestion Thread 2

    + A list for leaders in an empire which tells when the members last login was. Just as the donation list, etc.

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