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  1. Thread: Voting is open

    by fbc765

    Poll: Voting is open

    Just wanna reach out to you (the players) . I think we need new moderators on forums, it would help people voice themselves and make suggestions. I vote yes to new moderators and yes to decrease the...
  2. Thread: 5th anniversary

    by fbc765

    Re: 5th anniversary

    u will miss out, only way is to roll at min a 30fp roll and then u can do the 50/50 epic roll. Good luck to all
  3. Replies

    Re: 5th Anniversary EvE win coins

    same on my minis w/yesterdays last war.. Very disappointed.. Will need to check there ally codes to edit this
  4. Thread: Black market Lt

    by fbc765

    Re: Black market Lt

    Bump... Where oh where r u new blackmarket lt they need to make them avail more often or switch em out often, they lose money in my eyes in this aspect.
  5. Thread: Game dying?

    by fbc765

    Re: Game dying?

    That u ingo ?
  6. Re: Should sidekicks count for pvp war stength?

    exactly xcali1985!
  7. Thread: Crate rolls

    by fbc765

    Re: Crate rolls

    108 spins in the last few days! Wow... That also just shows that the drops in regular crates are not as advertised. But some will say, well he did get 12 rare....
  8. Re: How long will we be able to craft anniversary items?

    ty! I was waiting for answer.. I questioned uwe_elise on coins being sent after event makes no sense at all.... My speculation is there will be a new in game currancy coming out this year
  9. Re: What's up? Major lagfor 1/16 AM war (8:00am PST)

    time is off between ios and android, i have a main on ios and 2 seperate mins on android and all clocks for in game timer are never exactly the same, sometimes almost 30 sec off it seems.
  10. Re: What's up? Major lagfor 1/16 AM war (8:00am PST)

    me and my whole empier had same issue last war, some got illeagle start of token, i personally kept " trying to attack but tripped" lol, took about 1 min for a hit .... there were some periods it...
  11. Re: Post the thoughts and get the Anniversary Coins

    Been playing 3 years now, 3 wars a day, sometimes 4 if i wake up in middle of night. Love the game, very addicting. Keep them events coming, i like em often! And lets make it another 5, i wanna see...
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    Re: Vincent , Natalie + 2 rares.

    damage is damage, i would think it should but who knows what she really does.. No way to track it either so that dont help
  13. Re: Why is my main account saying Error getting data?

    I personally use a outdated iphone 4 and it works great, has some lag sometimes but much better than the other two toons i have on android.
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    Re: Account Sharing message....incoming bans?

    good to hear that, just so u all know i was not attacking any dev or the credibilty of any dev.... ( at least my warning said i attacked dev's ) i had a question and duke answered it. A honest...
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    Re: Account Sharing message....incoming bans?

    Maybe a ban will happen soon to all toons caught selling toons, build and play your own. I'm not a buyer or seller but something needs to happen. I always wondered how these big level 2-3ks seem to...
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    Re: Class xp permanent went down

    Agreed ��Quaranj is definitely right, u went to EvE as tier 1 class
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    Re: Devs please answer

    I would assume max health. Too many variables with health pack use, left over health, trap, tb or napalm with 3rd degree would effect your healing too. So my guess is max health, clarification would...
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    Re: New execution idea - Burning Tire

    Only issue I see with auto execution is if u get the guy to x and u your self have low health, u heal then go to x and says he's in hospital and u just used a few hundred stamina. I think that needs...
  19. Re: Result: Write down your stories with UE and get the rewards!

    Got mine scratchers, just checked profile and I have 2 more than I had when I went to bed. Thanks for keeping your word ��. Now what about the holiday candy treat one? I assume this was for my story,...
  20. Re: Result: Write down your stories with UE and get the rewards!

    still no scratcher here... just got the ones from the event. can u plz message on forum when they are sent so everyone can make sure they got em. thanks
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    Re: Will splitters be...

    should be gameplay since it seems there will be common and uncommon splitters too, so a possibile new boss drop i think :confused:
  22. Re: Result: Write down your stories with UE and get the rewards!

    What about all the Facebook ones too? Never got any rewards off those and the time limit has expired ��
  23. Re: Why have we gone backwards on event reward delivery?

    36 hour wait to roll a few commons, or if epic maybe a exterminator ( if your lucky) �� they need a better black market, crate rolls aren't the way, I would rather pay more for a guaranteed LT like...
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    Re: Legendary Insignia Event

    Worst heist ever........ Minis cant play, drops are non-existant at all, and what about the guys who finished italy already? Waste of energy totally imo, should of had its own special area like...
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    Re: iOS 10 Beta + Game Center

    the end is very near it looks like to me, i may go fuse crazy now before i cant, also all my fp... what to do... lol
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