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    Re: Overkill and her damage buff

    Thing with ghost etc is it's also on top of other sniper buffs.. on my lvl 840+ Ghost toon I've had close to a 17k hit with overkill x2 or 3.. but then had overkill 3/4 that's only been 8k . So for...
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    Sticky: Re: UWE Players Info & Ally Codes

    983ae7 & 45e843
  3. Re: Information about Battle Heist (PvP Mini Event)

    After such a great start this is a massive disappointment! Drop rates of 0.0* anything is an absolute joke!! You can hit a person for like 10 Stan to 30 sometimes so your never hitting with 80 stam...
  4. Re: Information about Battle Heist (PvP Mini Event)

    Great stuff!! Already putting up frequent competitions where rewards are accessible for everyone! Glad you took the game over! Keep up the good work!!
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    Re: Information about the 4th Anniversary Promo

    So I've even dug out my original characters details from 2/4/2013 for this outrage of an anniversary! If it wasn't bad enough I lose my family have a break down n come back to the game only to find...
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