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  1. Re: Game crashes on Samsung Tablet during every war

    I play upon a Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 and have none of the issues that you describe.

    To help everyone out here, could you provide some more information?

    Specifically :

    What model of tablet you...
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    Re: 5th anniversary

    TBH - That is what I expected to happen at base. Some sort of thought going into it that reflected personal achievements in the 5 years.

    Respect paid factored in.
    Number of achievements...
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    Re: Can anyone help me

    You've got a week after the event to build them up.
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    Re: 5th anniversary

    That ship has sailed, I'm afraid. They would have had to have done this at onset as now there would be complaints from those who felt hustled out of FP to make the difference up.

    They'd have to...
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    Re: 5th anniversary

    I couldn't agree more. With all that has happened lately in terms of reward mishaps this is insult on top of injury to many.

    Whoever came up with this idea and thought it was the best way to show...
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    Re: Tired of tapping

    I've been grudgingly finishing up silver missions now that I have Baron but after 2 missions in SoCal I gave up on Gold ones from there up until such time as I get a high star epic Baron in a...
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    Re: heal yourself with neighbors ?

    As of when? Admittedly I haven't come across anyone healing with her since we employed the trap tactic months back now.
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    Re: heal yourself with neighbors ?

    Sgt. Remedy there yes.

    Pro tip: When you see her in play, trap the whole row.
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    Re: 5th anniversary

    It has been mentioned in Discord that there will be a week after the event to tech lab any remaining coins.
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    Re: Black market Lt

    I wish Gman had been up this long.
  11. Re: Alerts when you can pay respect again

    You know... I was pretty good with these I thought.. then I blew my projected completion date by a month! Those few hours here and there add up quickly.
  12. Re: How long will we be able to craft anniversary items?

    It was mentioned on Discord - coins will stay in the tech lab for a week after the event.
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    Re: Anniversary Coins

    I've got someone in my empire who can't get the last 2 to drop for the day too.
  14. Re: What's up? Major lagfor 1/16 AM war (8:00am PST)

    I noticed this reflected in Nuke launch times too.
  15. Re: What's up? Major lagfor 1/16 AM war (8:00am PST)

    Last time I saw stuff like this the server clocks had drifted apart. We had multiple log entries of players capping the same player dead.

    Hopefully someone can sort that before next war.
  16. Re: Post the thoughts and get the Anniversary Coins

    It's been all about the empire for a while now.

    I honestly forget how it is to play without some set of responsibility. Alarms set, calls made, make sure the team isn't let down.

    They're what...
  17. Poll: Re: Should we add an official Polls section to the forums?

    I think that would be a great idea!

    Not everyone here is on Discord so to mirror the polls in both places would simply encourage further participation in them.

    That said, I would encourage...
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    Re: Android tablets?

    Hard to say right now - all my devices that are running current version took a huge performance hit last release.

    For example, I can be all the way into EvE and priming the nuke in an older...
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    Android 5.20 bugs

    When I first installed I noticed that stability took a hit.

    Now that I have been playing on it for a while here is what I have noticed.

    Entering buildings in EvE can crash the app.

    Trying to...
  20. Thread: Steel Kracken

    by Quaranj

    Re: Steel Kracken

    I'm at 142 collects and have Kraken
    I'm at 112 collects and have Copperhead Killer

    No parts on Ghost Ride yet, 50% of a Dragon Sword and 50% of an Armageddon suit rn.

    These parts drops can be...
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    Re: Bossing Questions For Duke

    Alright - I've got one to add - the following quote is in the boss guide though I couldn't search the source:

    *Originally Posted by*UWE_Duke*

    AP = average points = total points/max participants...
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    Re: Leveling the last executions

    The executions are a grind, sure.. but I have had all mine at max for nearly 300 levels now.

    When I did mine -

    In PvP I used low % ones against high BR. The fails are still wins as far as BR...
  23. Re: New device, how to set my current 5 characters up?

    Wholeheartedly agree!

    Login process could be streamlined to ask for existing accounts on startup, also when changing toons it should log right in instead of going back to splash page.
  24. Re: Why is my main account saying Error getting data?

    Last I heard of this it was an ISP issue. There appears to have been a DNS change and if your ISP hasn't replicated the data by now they have some really lax settings.

    If you have a VPN app use...
  25. Re: New device, how to set my current 5 characters up?

    Last I heard you could just X out of the removal selection and then go to character selection and log in one of your existing toons
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