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    Hey, iam sorry ro bother you. Maybe you know what i can do when my account got hacked? Since yesterday night (German time) someonw is on my account and left my empire 2 times now. I have no idea whats going on but iam so worried and wrote gaea a few times now. I own that toon since 2013 from lvl, i feel ao useless and sad atm
    Thank you if you have any hints for me
    Nadine from Germany
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    One of the great and perhaps best feature of the MMB event is the prospect of getting epics to complete a Lt. - Alpha's gun, Baron's cane, Pain's rifle, etc. Instead of these sort of items dropping, we got a relentless stream of duplicative blueprint drops. Nothing has been said about it. It really ruined this event for a lot of people. For a game that seems like there is more trouble than success ahead of it --- why alienate the player base? Why not fix it ? Or it was intentional let us know so we can quit playing with some piece of mind.
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    Tank, can I get a response to my question about Exterminator please?
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    Tank I'm big fan of this game. Never complain. However disappointed the contest thread closed exactly on the 28th rather than no end time being posted.
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    How the hell is you garbage gifts for android users compensation for the crash?.... android customers missed out on several days of being able to buy favor points to regen and unload on bosses to get the new items... anyone know that without paying to regen on bosses getting drops for the new items is basically impossible!.... also I am sure I'm not the only android user that cost their teammates a war due to not being able to defend a bld due to their phone crashing. You screwed up our system due to the update you made for a new type of item therefore how does giving us some cheesy.old bulls hit compensate? Lastly are yall stupid enough to not realize the players you fucked are players that spend money? Meaning it's ppl that don't need a lame ass useless set of "compensating gifts" to catch up with others?
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    I have been sending messages for the past 6 days and have not received any help.
    I have a problem that I hope you can help with. I am going through a personal domestic situation and I needed to change my iTunes and GC information. I attempted to bind my toons to my new Game Center but because of the new rules, I was not able to. Carter told me there was nothing that could be done. Does that mean I will not be able to play my main toon (level 1330ish) that I worked hard on building for 3 years? It is a BSI toon and I spent a lot of money building it. I also have two mini toons that I started a year ago and I don't understand how bought toons can be helped, but I cannot be helped. I understand the need for the updates put into place but there should be some fail safe; as I have a legitimate situation. Can you help? It would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you
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    Reward tiers is unfair to the entire community and should get looked into! There's at least 4 of us that dished out over $200 to miss the tier by inches, isn't okay or fair! If you won't assist us, please don't reply with BS (I don't mean BS to be rude)
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    Hello? I don't understand what the issue is I have over 8 thousand usd into my UE account I'm sorry it's not 300k like alpha not my situation happened before him so I think it's only fair someone give me the common courtesy of a response plz help me this is frustrating enough as it is and support should not be frustrating me more
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    Hey mate just brought the lvl 210 promo .. Money has come out of my bank account but I haven't received my favour points .. Ally code 164572 ..
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    Hey I had 4 toons and decided to upgrade my devices and after the game uploaded I transferred my toon to my new device and now it unbinded my toon so basically I lost a Lvl 432 assassin named scorpion in the empire star fighters code ee0c88 is there any way u can get it back to me!! I really need ur help thanx in advance!!!
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